How to Maintain Marble Carving CNC Router
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    How to Maintain Marble Carving CNC Router

    How to Maintain Marble Carving CNC Router

    Maintain the Marble Carving CNC Router regularly! Not only could extend using life of CNC router machine, but also with the lowest failure rate. 

    Maintain in right way is also important, or it will cause unexpected results. 
    Marble Engraving CNC router mainly apply to marble stone machining work, so with more powder and dust. Keep clean and smooth of CNC router parts while working, such as ball screw, guide rail, etc, also needs to clean the dirt retention and oil transmission parts in time.
    How to maintain marble CNC router? Starts with the following steps:

    1. Cleaning & Lubricating:
    (1) After each use, clean up dust on the work table and transmission system;
    (2) Lubricate transmission system regularly (every week); 
    Warm note: 
    a) X Axis, Y Axis and Z Axis use engine oil;
    b) Ball screw uses grease;
    (3) In winter, if the working condition temperature is very low, please clean the guide rails (square rail or round rail) by gasoline first, then add engine oil, in case Stone Working CNC router produces misalignment, which is caused by high resistance of the transmission system;  

    2. The electricity must be turned off while checking maintenance. Make sure no display on monitor and the indication light goes out;

    3. Granite Working CNC router could not work continuously more than 10 hours without a break every day; it’s better make the Stone CNC Router rest a while after working processing every 2 or 3 hours; 

    4. Guarantee clean cooling water and water pump work well; 

    5. CNC Router spindle must not lack water:
    (1) Change the cooling water regularly, in case the water temperature is too high;
    (2) In winter, change the water in water tank for antifreeze if the working condition temperature is too low; 

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