How to choose an industrial CNC Machine?
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    How to Choose an Industrial CNC Machine?

    How to choose an industrial CNC Machine?

    We should start the selection of the right machine tool that will meet the user's expectations by defining its purpose. Will it be used for occasional, individual hobby products? Or should it be an industrial one whose task will be to contribute to the company's profit?
    If we are talking about the professional machine, then important parameters to be taken into account are: frame rigidity and precision of its execution, the size of the working area, the quality of components, technical support in the implementation and the availability of the service. All these elements affect the smooth operation and efficiency as well as accuracy of production.
    What is the best type of construction for an industrial CNC?
    Once we decide, it is important to remember that the best frames are made of graphite or steel. Only these materials are characterized by the right vibration absorption coefficients (rigidity) and have very small thermal expansion and deformation properties during long-term loads. Additionally, if they constitute a single monolithic structure and are machined from “one clamping”, as a result they guarantee the machine precision and accuracy of products manufactured – without any visible shifts. This also contributes to long-term geometric correctness.

    How to select the spindle that meets production conditions?
    Matching parameters of the milling head (power and speed) is crucial for the service life, performance and precision of work and the selection of a particular material for production. The speed of majority of professional spindles is in the range from 12.000 to 40.000 RPM. It is controlled by a frequency converter that allows you to change the speed in a very wide range. High speed can be used in the case of Aluminum, wood, composite materials, laminates etc., and low ranges are used for machining of steel, in particular stainless steel, and thermoplastics. In the case of head power, the primary determinant that should be considered is the maximum diameter of cutters we want to use and materials machined with them. For the processing of Aluminium, plastics, wood, laminates with milling cutters to 5 mm a spindle of 1.1kW 24.000 rev/min is sufficient, with milling cutters to 8mm – 1kW, to 12mm – 3.3kW, to 16mm – 5.6kW. For steel we should choose a spindle with a lower speed of 15.000 to 18.000 RPM and power of 3.3kW to 10mm, 5.6kW to 12mm, 7kW to 16mm, 10kW to 20mm. However, we should remember that if we want to drill in a steel with a drill of 8mm at 2000 RPM with a spindle of 7kW 18.000 RPM, then we may choose only 0.7kW. It is related to the fact that the spindle is controlled by the inductive inverter so when we reduce the speed at the same time we reduce proportionally its motor voltage, i.e. its power. Therefore, we must always choose a more powerful spindle.
    Accessories for improving the production
    At the end it is time to decide on additional accessories improving the production, such as: tool height sensor, cooling system, dedusting system, or a system of automatic exchange of tools, or others according to the production needs.
    Representatives of the company should be experts
    When we think what individual parameters will suit our needs in terms of production and we have little knowledge of CNC technology, we may always take advantage of assistance of representatives of a company that offers such devices. They will be pleased to help match individual features to your expectations. They should also be willing to help with logistics and provide support in the implementation of your machine and subsequently in its use.
    Service must be always at hand
    When continuous production and confidence about the use of the machine are important for us, it is essential that the service is available for 24 hours/7 days a week. The least likely things happen when we do not expect them. For example, a forklift operator drives into a machine tool gate when the largest order is to be done. The experience of the service team is also important. Its efficiency determines the speed of removing any defects.
    If you need help setting up your milling machine, engraving machine, cutter, laser or plasma machine, we will be happy to help you in finding the right set for you.
    If anything we can help with CNC Routers and CNC spare parts, welcome to contact us, we will do our best to support.