Naiky PCI Ncstudio Weihong engraving machine's motion control system
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    Naiky PCI Ncstudio Weihong Engraving Machines Motion Control System

    Naiky PCI Ncstudio Weihong engraving machine's motion control system

    This PCI Ncstudio(Weihong) System is most popular control system for cnc router.
    NCStudio based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, full 32-bit computing and multi-tasking powerful advantage, now this PCI Ncstudio support the Windows7 32-bit, this Ncstudio is via PCI Slot to connect to computer, it is more stable.

    The software of NcStudio is developed by Shanghai Naiky technology limited company and the company has its own copyright, that system can support the code of G and PLT format which can be produced by the CAD/CAM applications such as UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD and COREDRAW etc.
    NcStudio can be run on Microsoft Windows and take the great advantage of 32bit computing and multi-tasks. At the same time, the standard style of Windows interface is simple and easy to learn and operate.
    In addition to manual mode, stepping mode and automatically returning to the origin of machine, the digital motion control system has simulation, dynamic track, automatic emendation of Z-axle, remembering of break-point (the procedure jumps a segment), and the function of turning back to continue proceeding.
    That system can be used with all kinds of three-dimensional engraving machine and three -dimensional milling machines etc. 
    Being applicable to all kinds of complicated processing of tooling, advertisement and upholster decorating and the industry of incision.

    The software has the following functions:
    1, It is basic to install three axles and can be extended further. It is possible that the software received differ from each other.
    2, Support digital control rotating platform.
    3, Process automatically. Completely support G instruction and the HP PLT format of ISO standard.
    4, Manual function. It can support to control the machine tool not only by input equipment of machine tool but also by input equipment of computer to complete manual operation. For example: keyboard and mouse.
    5, The function of the array process. It can execute the procedure again and again; through appoint the number of rows and lines of the array by customer. 
    6, The function of incremental feed. It can make the customer convenience to set the amount of feed, and the length of step can be adjusted agilely.
    7, The function of the manual data input (MDI). Customer can input and immediately execute G-instruction online.
    8, Advanced processing instruction. As long as you input several parameters, you can complete the function of milling or drawing.
    9, Single step mode. Customer can set the processing assignment as a single step mode thereby it will provide a good support for diagnosis mistake and malfunction restoring.
    10, The advanced automatic function of breakpoint remembering and separate segment executing.
    11, The feeding axle can come back to the machine original point accurately.  
    12, The function of auto to calibration. It provides the tremendous convenience for the customer.
    13, The function of preserve/resume the spot of work. The system is well considered the power breaking problem which commonly exists in the southern customer of our country. Files of the system won’t be damaged by power breaking. The functions of breakpoint remembering and separate segment executing can fully guarantee the dependable instauration of the spot after restart.
    14, The online adjustment of feed rate. Customer can adjust the feed rate at any time in processing from 0 %( the smallest) to 120 %( the biggest).
    15, Characteristics of the high smooth connection speed. In general numerical control system, there is a constant speed between two pieces of G instructions, for example it will equal to zero or a quite small number. In new version, it adopts a special suitable forecast-arithmetic of processing speed. That arithmetic is according to the connection speed of magnitude, direction, the biggest acceleration and the fore forecast function, to adjust itself and decide the joining speed between the current instruction and the next instruction. This special character not only improves the processing efficiency (about from 30% to 300%) consumedly, but also improves the function of processing and removed the exterior veins in processing.
    16, The function of three-dimensional simulation show. Through simple operation, you can observe the result of three-dimensional process and then you can realize the result more accurately and more frankly. 
    17, The function of simulation. It can make a fast simulation of the processing procedure to process and complete in a cutty time, checking whether the processing procedure comes true or not at the same time, whether the result of processing is satisfaction or not, and can compute accurately how long we need in fact in processing.
    18, The strong and agile keyboard supports. The new version gives very strong support to the keyboard operation. It satisfies the customer’s demand in operation in processing.
    19, Log function. The system provided the mighty daily record function, helping the customer inspect the processing information and system diagnosis detailedly.
    20, The inside processing files manager. NcStudio can manage documents in the processing files manager inside锛宎s long as Customer put the processing procedure to the appointed catalogue.
    21, The inside files editor. Customer can load the processing procedure to the editor to edit and modify. 
    22, The file information of processing. Through simulate or actual processing, the windows of file processing information can help customers count the file running time and the range of processing etc.
    23, PCI motion control card.