The advantages and disadvantages of CNC machine?
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    The Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Machine?

    The advantages and disadvantages of CNC machine?

    The CNC versatility and simplicity of use as well as multiplicity of applications, cause that they are extremely popular. They have been used in many industries, such as
    wood working, advertising, metal cutting etc, and today they form the backbone of production at many companies – both small and large.

    Advantages of CNC:
    1.Accuracy of the manufactured product and its repeatability
    2.Negligible proportion of defective items
    3.Material efficiency – waste minimisation
    4.Flexibility and efficiency of production
    5.Energy efficiency
    6.Ability to use shorter production cycles
    7.Automation and independence of the production process
    8.Ease of use and manufacture of devices
    9.Freedom of shape of the produced material
    10.Versatility – drilling, cutting, trimming, milling, machining
    11.Possibility of machining of a variety of materials
    12.Quick change of manufactured product/design
    13.Operator safety
    14.Environmental protection
    16.Reduced manufacturing time of the product
    Disadvantages of CNC:
    1.Long-term investment
    2.Need to adapt the utility room
    3.Ensuring appropriate utilities- compressed air, electricity, etc.

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