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9015 Stone CNC Engraver for 3D Granite Marble Wood Sculpture S9015C
Product Name:
9015 Stone CNC Engraver for 3D Granite Marble Wood Sculpture S9015C
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Product Description:

9015 Stone CNC Engraver for 3D Granite Marble Wood Sculpture

9015 Stone CNC Engraver for 3D Granite Marble Wood Sculpture
Model: S9015C

This stone cnc engraver is a middle small size cnc router for granite marble stone sculputure, aslo can work on wood plastic working. It is a small functional cnc machine tool for small workshop, which can work on all non-ferrous materials.

9015 Stone Carving Machine Configuration:

1) Working Area 900*1500*200mm
2) Heavy duty Structure, strong stability because of low center of gravity                                       
3) 4.5KW water cooling spindle, low noise and high quality    
4) Delta inverter from Taiwan
5) YAKO Stepping driver and motors, having steady working capability and high positioning precision
6) HIWIN Linear Guide for X, Y, Z three axis large load bearying and stable running
7) High quality electronic components.
8) ArtCAM software

9015 Stone CNC Engraver Features:
1. High-strength body design and the Y-axis dual-motor drive, a more rational design, processing speed, easy maintenance, low failure,Y-axis adopts double motor driving, and the best motor to ensure smooth movement.
2. Adopt high accuracy rack and pinion transmission, which have such characteristics as high precision, fast speed and big strength.
3. Adopt imported square linear guide ways which have figures such as high and long life.
4. Adopt full-excellent mechanical and electrical design, and select carefully various electrical accessories which minimize the failure rate.
5. The machine bed is equipped with water sink and automatic water supply cooling system.
6. Overall dust proof and water proof design help make all moving parts clean.
9015 CNC Router Stone Sculpture Machine Technical Parameters:



XYZ working area


Table size


XYZ travel positioning accuracy


XYZ repositioning positioning accury


Table surface

Aluminum T slot with thick PVC

Lathe structure

Thicker steel tube

Drive system X-Y axis

Rack and pinion

Drive system Z axis

Ball screw

Spindle power


Max velocity


Max working speed


Spindle speed


Working mode


Working voltage

AC 380V, 3phase

Command language

G code



Operating system


X-Y resolution


Software environment

Ucancam, Type3, Artcam

Running environment


Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


3D CNC Stone Sculpture Machine Applications:
Marble, granite, bluestone, jade crystal, agate, glass, plastic cement, ceramic, stainless steel, Titanium, copper, iron, aluminum, bamboo and other wood, plastic, etc.