Richauto A11 CNC Handle DSP Controller System for 3 Axis CNC Router Control
Richauto A11 CNC Handle DSP Controller System for 3 Axis CNC Router Control
Product Name:
Richauto A11 CNC Handle DSP Controller System for 3 Axis CNC Router Control
Number :
A11S A11E

Product Description:

Richauto A11 CNC Handle DSP Controller System for 3 Axis CNC Router Control

Original Richauto A11 CNC Handle DSP Controller System for 3 Axis CNC Router Control
New version RichAuto A11E A11S with USB interface

DSP is short for digital signal processing. This A11 version DSP CNC controller is the updated controller on the base of 0501 DSP, they are compatiable use. This CNC DSP controller is widely used with cnc router machines. Easy to operate, and can control without 

DSP CNC Router Control A11 Specifications:

160M DSP
File Memorizer
512M memorizer inside, 
it supports file with any size because of adopting mobile memorize technology
LCD with 128 dot*64 dot
Communication Terminals
USB terminal and U Disk
File Format
G code , PLT files (optional)
3 axes
Help Function
Useful help information and guide
Chinese, English
Operating Interface
Friendly Buttons and Menu Drive
Drive System
Step Motors
Interpolation function
linear, curve
Cutter Adjusting function
Spindle Control Function
System Data Inspect Function
Processing Data Inspect Function
Processing Position Adjusting Function
Multi Working Coordinates
It has 9 working coordinates
Stop Point Reprocessing Function
Copy Processing Function
Data protection when power off
Working Temperature
0C to +70C
<90 no dew no frost
Outer Voltage
5 V
2 W

DSP Controller for CNC Router Characteristic:
New three-axis linkage motion mode to achieve comprehensive controlling
Support drive and spindle error alarm function
Large storage space, perfect U disk compatibility, fast reading speed, safe and reliable U disk-processing.
Support intelligent file checking function.
Parameter backup and restore function to prevent the loss of important parameters.
High anti-jamming intensity passes many CE tests.
Intelligent processing memory, supports power fail safeguard and breakpoint function.
Definable I/O interfaces provide customers a wide range of development platforms.

DSP Motion Control Control System Cautions:
1. Don't use this product in strong magnetic filed or interfere environments;
2. Don't plug U Disk while it is running a file;
3. Protect it from water, moist, dust and fire;
4. Protect it from metal materials getting into the cover;
5. Forbad to open the cover, there is no any user maintainable parts inside;
6. Plug U Disk and other lines gentle.
DSP handheld controller can work without computer, easy operation and fast working speed. CNC Controller is the most important part for one CNC machine. 
So here are some more points to introduce:
1). Support the standard G code, PLT format instructions; support domestic and international mainstream CAM software, such as: Type3, Art cam, UG, Pro / E, Master CAM, Cimatron, Wentai etc. 
2). Provide with power-down protection. Instantaneous power processing system to automatically save the current processing of information 
3). Support breakpoint memory, save 8 different breakpoint processing information. 
4). Multicoordinate memory function. Provide nine working coordinate system, 
5). Support online adjust spindle operating frequency. 1 - 8 threshold can be processed directly adjust up and down without suspend processing. 
6). Support adjust working speed ratio online.
7). Simply manual operate mode: provides continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation became more simple and convenient. 
8). Identifies M code, F code and other development commands, can open a special code based on user needs. 
9). Comes with USB communications port, file transfer efficiency can be directly read U disk, card reader file, Plug and Play. 
10). System can support automatic dynamic upgrades, convenient to remote operation, remote maintenance.

Also the A11 DSP controller Manual can be sent for free here, welcome to contact us.

Here is the technical support: how to update DSP 0501 into DSP A11 control system, welcome to check.

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