CNC Router Widely Used in Perforated Boards & Pegboards Making
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    CNC Router Widely Used in Perforated Boards & Pegboards Making

    Perforated Boards Pegboards Making cnc router

    CNC Router Widely Used in Perforated Boards & Pegboards Making

    Pegboard is produced from hardboard and HDF (High Density Fiberboard). Once perforated boards & pegboards are made by CNC controlled punch presses, but now with a woodworking cnc router, it can produce clean & sharp pegboard holes with accurate margins on all four sides. CNC routers allow for varying spaces between rows of holes. Blank spaces are for logos, graphics or design variations, creating a custom pegboard. 
    Pegboards make a wonderful wall storage area for the garage. Adding hooks to the pegboard will keep tools within reach, and commonly used tools can be stored there permanently. Pegboards make a great addition for a child's room or playroom. Use hooks for hanging clothes or toy bags. You can paint pegboards in colors as well as a natural wood finish. With the wood CNC Router for cutting pegboard, the edges will be clean and smooth.
    Perforated boards and pegboards, these boards are provided throughout over the world for displays, gondola backers, planograms and more. 

    CNC Router Advantages to Make Pegboards:
    Cut to Size
    Route to shape
    Custom spacing of rows to allow for logos and graphics
    Grooved pegboard to replicate Slatwall
    Screen printed for Plan-O-Grams
    Not limited to standard hole patterns

    As CNC router machine 3 axis can move together at the same time, it is very easy to make any Shaped pegboards, Plan-O-Gram pegboards, Grooved Pegboards (A grooved hardboard panel that gives the initial appearance of slatwall. It is typically used in gondola fixtures or installed as wall paneling).

    Also if any interests in Slatwall Cutting CNC Machines, welcome to contact us, more information will be sent.