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Hot Wire Knife Styrofoam EPP EPS Foam Cutting CNC Machine RC-HW1325
Product Name:
Hot Wire Knife Styrofoam EPP EPS Foam Cutting CNC Machine RC-HW1325
Number :
Hot Wire Foam Cutting CNC Machine RC-HW1325

Product Description:

Hot Wire Knife Styrofoam EPP EPS Foam Cutting CNC Machine

Hot Wire Knife Styrofoam EPP EPS Foam Cutting CNC Machine
Model: RC-HW1325

This hot wire knife is a cnc machine for styrofoam EPP EPS foam cutting, it is widely used for Signage, Architectural solid modeling, Props, Prototyping, Creating molds for casting concrete and plaster pieces, Aircraft design, Model aircraft wing construction, Lost-foam casting, Surfboard construction, Recreational hovercraft construction and so on.

Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutting Machine Features: 
1. Adopt linear guide, double row and four rank ball slider,large loading capacity , smooth operation, high precision, long service life. Imported high precision ball screw, high cutting precision.
2. Overall Non-defrmation and thickened square tube bed structure, steel structure bed body, technological welding, the overall is Non-defrmation.
3. Adopt high flexible and resistant bending cables, imported durable electronic components, whole electrical design conforms to the European Union CE standard; Independent of the control cabinet to be with reliable security protection system.
4. Easy operated Ncstudio control software, adopt unique and intelligence budget law, completely develop the potential of motor, realize the constant speed processing, curve and linear line synchronous, curve line is more prefect , do not take up the computer RAM storage and can realize the automatic start-stop of cutting spindle.
5. Better software compatibility and be compatible with type3 /Artcam/Castmate/UCANCAM and other CAD/CAM design software.
6. Adopt high speed stepper motors and drivers, in constant speed and stable operation.

CNC Hot Wire Cutting Machine Parameters:



Working area (Y*X* mm)


Machine size(mm)



2 (X Y axis)

Drive system 



Ball Screw




Rectangle steel welding


G code, HPGL

Hot wire

Nickel chrome, 0.4 or 0.5mm diameter

Working Voltage 





10%~90% (Without condensation) 

Net weight 


Hot Wire Knife CNC Foam Cutter Applications:
Architectural shapes, Crown Molding, Columns, mockups, Capillars, Medallions.
EPS, EPP and XPS sandwich panels for roofing and construction.
Packaging and Modelers
Surveillance, UAV, RC, Wings, cores and airfoils.
Aerospace,architectural and Mechanical departments in universities and colleges
Theme Parks.
Monument Signs, 3D signs, Logos, Letters, Props, Prototyping, museum exhibits, Trade Shows
Boats, surfboards, canoes and paddleboards

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