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CNC Spindle Motor Tool Changer Router for Wood Craft Doors Carving Cutting Manufacturing W1325V2
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CNC Spindle Motor Tool Changer Router for Wood Craft Doors Carving Cutting Manufacturing W1325V2
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CNC Spindle Motor Tool Changer Router for Wood Craft Doors Carving Cutting Manufacturing

CNC Spindle Motor Tool Changer Router for Wood Craft Doors Carving Cutting Manufacturing
Model: W1325V2
This tool changer CNC router is a 2 spindle auto tool change CNC, 2 spindles with 2 kinds tools auto change by pneumatic. We also call it spindle motor tool changer cnc router. This spindle tool change CNC is a simple and cheap auto tool changer router compared to linear ATC CNC router and carousel auto tool changer CNC router. This simple ATC is widely working on wood and composite panels such as doors carving, wood craft doors manufacturing, sheet processing, wood door cutting, slotting, engraving, milling, etc.
Router Spindle Tool Changer Features:
1, High efficiency: Multiple spindle motor work simultaneously, you can complete the processing of large quantities of products. Advanced spindle tool change process without human intervention, and the program working automatically. A leading international technology vacuum table, with a strong adsorption force pump, the six districts can be strong adsorption of materials of different sizes, greatly improving efficiency.
2, Rapid running speed: two axes are rack gear, fast, high efficiency, maximum speed is up to 35 m/min.
3, Fast engraving speed: high-speed drive stepper motor and drive, Y-axis dual-motor drive, high-precision rack drive, with the high power engraving spindle cutting faster.
4, Stable running: imported linear square rails, double row four columns ball slider, Large bearing capacity, smooth running, high precision, long life, high precision ball screw, carving precisely.
5, Intelligent control: NC Studio control system (optional DSP handle control system off-line), it can continue to carve after poweroff, emergency stop, with high stability, high efficiency, and easy to learn. Controlled by Computer, easy to operate.
6, High precision: using advanced three curve prediction algorithm ensure the curve of speed and accuracy, and can be a good compatibility with many domestic and foreign software (such as: MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Pro/E, JDpaint) and so on.
7, Durable: the whole bed welded steel, strong, forceful, smooth rotation, no distortion after long high speed run, no shaking. Gantry movement, strengthen the surface, can be arbitrary processing work surface material, durable.
Wood Door Manufacturing Machine Technical Parameters:

X,Y Working Area
Z Working Area

Max feeding height Z Axis

Table Size
Lathe Structure
Seamless welded steel structure
X,Y Structure
Rack and pinion transmission,
Hiwin square guide rail
Z Structure
Taiwan-made TBI rolling ball screw,
Hiwin square guide rail
Max. Idling Speed
4.5 KW, 2 spindles
Spindle Rotate Speed
0-18000r/min, variable speed
Working Voltage
AC380V/50Hz, 3phase
Working Mode
Driver and Motor

Yako stepper driver/ Fuxing118 stepper motor

G code (HPGL,U00,mmg,plt)
Operating System
NCstudio ATC control system (DSP ATC)
Diameter of cutter
Φ3.175, 6, 8, 10, 12.75mm
Cooling Mode
By suction or clamp
Net Weight
Type 3, ArtCAM, Wentai

CNC Wood Door Machine Applications:
1) Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plate, office and wood furniture, panel furniture, tables, chair, cupboard door, craft wooden door, solid wood door and wood windows.
2) The wood products: voice box, stereo, game cabinets, computer tables, wood pad, wood chessboard, wooden checkerboard, wooden musical instrument like guitar.
Woodworking industry, panel engraving and cutting.
3) Inner decoration: 3D boards making, slatwall making, pegboard making, cubewall making, spacewall making, 3D engraving wave board processing, painting door, paintfree door, screen, craft windows milling.