CNC Pressure Foot Solved Hold-Down Problems with Small, Thin, Porous Parts
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    CNC Pressure Foot Solved Hold-Down Problems with Small, Thin, Porous Parts

    cnc pressure foot hold down system

    CNC Pressure Foot Solved Hold-Down Problems with Small, Thin, Porous Parts

    Many CNC workers having trouble with a particular part on their CNC Routers. For example, try to hold down a small (approx. 4"x8"x1/8" thick) MDF panel for edge routing on all four edges, therefore we cannot use a fence on the spoil board. The part must remain fixed (critical dimensions).
    You can try to pin the panel down, but there is a pain since you have to pull the part off the pins and then pull the pins out; not to mention the resulting holes in the part. Double sided tape helps, but is only good for a single part.
    CNC pros suggest a range of solutions for holding down small parts during machining, such as vacuum clamping, edge clamping, screws/brad nails, tapes etc, but they are all not good. Now there is a helpful tool, it is a hero to solve these kind of CNC clamping problem—CNC Pressure Foot.

    The CNC hold-down attaches to the Z axis spindle of your CNC router machine and provides clamping force directly around the cutter bit. This clamping approach is particularly effective for machining small parts and thin/flexible materials that cannot be held by traditional clamping methods.

    1, Small Parts and Letters: Small parts and letters are not convenient to hold by vacuum suction and T slot clamps. Our CNC pressure foot clamping attachment eliminates the headaches while saving time and money.
    2, Thin & Flexible Materials: Even with the use of tabs, many thin plastics, metals, and wood veneers cannot be cut by a CNC router using vacuum clamping or edge clamping. These delicate materials are easily damaged by double-sided tape. Our CNC pressure foot attachment provides quick and easy clamping for thin and flexible materials without costly accidents.
    3, Workpiece with a lot of holes: Large parts that are full of holes can be a CNC machining nightmare. Without tabs, they don't have the surface area required for universal vacuum clamping and the remaining material is not available for clamps fixing. Our CNC pressure foot does the job without wrinkles, scrapers or chemicals.

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