CNC Routers Are Getting Higher-tech at Lower Costs
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    CNC Routers Are Getting Higher-tech at Lower Costs

    cnc router high technology at low cost

    CNC Routers Are Getting Higher-tech at Lower Costs

    More and more signs shops begin to use CNC routers and leading manufacturers have introduced new cnc router machines to the market to increase capacity while reducing customer lead times and overall labor costs and the impact on sign shops is measurable. Steady servo motors are replacing stepper motors that vibrate and slip. PC-based interfaces and software allow operators to catch costly mistakes and automate repetitive jobs, and automated capabilities free up employees to work on other money-making ventures.

    Servos serve up reliability 
    One of the biggest advances in CNC technology is servo motors that are replacing stepper motors. Stepper motors run on an open loop whereas servo motors run on a closed loop. The advantage is dramatic, especially in 3-dimensional carving applications, because a servo motor automatically keeps track of its position.

    Routers with servo motors generally allow you to do 3-D carving much faster and with greater reliability. Because servo motors are so reliable, you don’t have to baby-sit the machine for two hours while it cuts the material anymore.

    PC-based interfaces catch mistakes
    PC-based interfaces and software make routing much more user-friendly than it once was with proprietary software controls. Features like tool-path previewer, GCODE editors, production logging and reporting, toolbreak auto-repositioning, infinite look-ahead, and continuous motion are now one-click away.

    The control system is based on new techniques that allow us to reduce the size and cost of electronics packaging, he automation of design systems is a tremendous time saver.

    New CAD/CAM systems have the ability to use parametric macros to automate the design of everything from kitchen cabinets to channel letters. The CAM portion of the process can be completely rule-based and processed without user intervention. Knowledge-based systems built into the machine interface, he adds, let even novice operators run complex jobs efficiently.

    PC-based controllers can also save money in repair costs. The most expensive aspect of having a router is making repairs and the most expensive repair is to the motherboard, by eliminating the motherboard we’ve made it more affordable to operate over the long-term.

    Automated functions save time, money
    Just as PC-based controllers save money, automated functions save time. There are two key automation developments in the CNC router arena: auto-carving and auto tool changers.

    Auto-Carve 3D remains the latest applications-oriented advancement for RICO CNC routers providing three distinct, highly sought carving styles: incised carving for V-bevel shapes and letters, chamfered carving for flat-bottomed shapes and letters, and prismatic carving for raised shapes and letters.

    Automatic tool changers allow users to set up a job and literally push a button and watch the sign take form in front of their eyes. Automatic tool changers eliminate the need for someone to stop the machine, change out a tool, initialize it, and then start the router again.

    Time to upgrade? 
    With advancing technology and rapidly dropping prices, many shop owners are taking the plunge with investments in CNC machinery. But how do you know if the upgrade is worth the investment? And how do you choose the best router for your needs?

    Depending on usage, CNC routers can last from five to 15 years, so upgrades are few and far between. There are three scenarios under which you might decide to upgrade: the system will make money, the system will save money, or the system will leverage money, i.e. make a process more productive. A shop owner should examine his business to see what products and services are offered, what products and services he would like to add, how he anticipates producing these items and at what cost.

    Buyers beware: With the declining technology prices, there are some newcomers to the CNC manufacturing arena offering cut-throat prices by cutting corners. Experts recommend machines with steel frame construction, ball screws, servo motors, and steel or circulating lays. From there, serious consideration should be given to shop size constraints, power requirements and the type of work being produced.

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