CNC Laser CNC Router Making Acrylic Signs
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    Advertising Shop CNC Laser CNC Router Making Acrylic Signs

    cnc router acrylic sinage making

    CNC Laser CNC Router Making Acrylic Signs

    Acrylic, is widely used in advertising industry. Advertising job shops usually use cnc laser machines, cnc router to do 2D cutting or 3D engraving. 

    Properties of Acrylic
    Acrylic is a clear, plexiglass material that is 鈪” thick. It is durable enough to use inside or outside, although we do recommend indoor use. The use of acrylic outside tends to shorten the lifespan of the sign due to sun damage and exposure to the elements.
    Acrylic is also very lightweight (about a half a pound per square foot), which makes hanging the sign a breeze! Standoffs can also be purchased for the acrylic sign, allowing for easy installation and a dynamic, professional look.
    Although acrylic is one of the most aesthetically beautiful signs we offer, acrylic does have some drawbacks. It can scratch easily, so to keep your sign looking brand new, be sure to avoid the use of sharp objects near it.
    Uses of Acrylic
    The acrylic can be used as lobby signage, directional signage and architectural signage. It’s the perfect substitution for traditional glass because it is safer and much more affordable. Acrylic can be cut to any shape you desire, making it a great choice for statement walls in your office, or as custom directional signage. We offer both a halo cut and a contour cut. The halo cut would cut around the general shape of the design. We also can cut each of the pieces of the artwork out individually with what is known as a contour cut.

    Acrylic is commonly used to display company logos or high resolution photographs. They can be used as a beautiful, prominent display in a lobby or at the entrance to a business. Using acrylic to showcase your logo or business motto can leave a big impact.

    The ink is applied directly to the surface of the acrylic. Therefore, we are able to print on both the front or the back of the acrylic. Both offer different signage solutions, you can determine which of these two options is right for you.
    CNC laser cutting machine and cnc router machine are great helpful tools to doing acrylic cutting and engraving, they can enlarge your advertising business and get better benefits.

    If anything we can help with CNC Machines and CNC spare parts, welcome to contact us, we will do our best to support.