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Industrial 3D Scanner Scanning with Geomagic Software for CNC Machine
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Industrial 3D Scanner Scanning with Geomagic Software for CNC Machine
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Product Description:

3D Scanner Scanning

Industrial 3D Scanner Scanning with Geomagic Software for CNC Machine
Model: SCAN-1M-12

3D Scanner for CNC Router Applications:
Styling, Design and Analysis such as Industrial design, Technical drawings, 3D-scan-to-CAD, Die and mold design, Handmade model digitizing, Custom part design, 3D relief design, jewellery scanning.
Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, mold making, precision machinery, footwear, household  appliances, cultural imitation, costume design, designing studio, heavy industry, light industry, 3D statues making and other manufacturing industries, greatly enhance the industry productivity.

3D CNC Scanner Features:
1. Scan any type even cavity, groove and fracture surface. Scan one surface once, fast speed.
2. Mark point auto-splicing function. Scan the fixed object several times, after scan each time, it will splice cloud data automatically, then delete the overlap point.
3. With Global error correction module, make sure data will not have delamination; When scan large object, it iseasy to escape accumulate error.
4. Have 3D editor function, can turn, move, marrow data easily and edit and adjust data.
5. Many data type. Such as STL, PLY, ASC, AC and so on.  Then Convert to AutoCAD, Geomagic Studio, Rapid Form, ImageWare for Post-Processing.
6. Can convert to many kinds of CAM software such as POWERMILL, MASERCAM, UG, PRO/E, SOLIDWORKS, GEOMAGIC STUDIO, COPYCAD, POLYWORKS, ARTCAM, Wentai, Ucancam, ArtCUT, ArtEngrave etc.

Industrial 3D Scanner Parameters:



Single Scan Range(mm)


Operating Distance


Feature Accuracy


Minimum Devide




Scannable Object Size


Original Sensor place


Scan Speed

1.3 s/f

Scanning Type

White projector map

Data Interface


Registration Type

Automatic and best-fit registration

Align Type

Marker, Geom-feature Auto Align



Dimension (mm)


Working Environment

Inner light

Hardware Interface

USB 2.0 (at least 2PORTS)

Operating System

Windows 7/ 32b&64b

3D scanning samples:
cnc 3d scan