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Commercial Manual Floor Sweepers Push Mechanical Clearner for Wood Workshop
Product Name:
Commercial Manual Floor Sweepers Push Mechanical Clearner for Wood Workshop
Number :
Mechanical Cleaning Floor Sweeper SH-1050STB

Product Description:

commercial manual floor sweepers push mechanical clearner for wood workshop

Commercial Manual Floor Sweepers Push Mechanical Clearner for Wood Workshop

This manual sweeper is a professional indoor and outdoor sweeper over hard or soft floors, sweeping 8 times faster than a conventional broom. It combines productivity with value for money, and can be used to keep small to medium floor areas dust-free.
Agile in narrow areas, floor sweeper is 100% operator-friendly and suitable for a variety of applications. Ideal for the dust-free sweeping of workshops, yards, parks, cleaning paths, halls, condos, sports clubs, parking lots, warehouses...etc.

Manual Sweeper Machine Features:
1. This push sweeper can pick up plastic, wood dusts, metal shavings, nails, sand, paper, crumbs, leaves, debris and more.
2. Durable polyethylene body with tubular steel fold up handle, durable and low maintenance solution.
3. 1050mm cleaning path provides a work rating of 3,600 sq. ft. per hour for maximum productivity.
4. Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
5. Height adjustment allows for efficient cleaning on various hard floor terrains. 4-Brush system offers efficient debris containment.
6. 48 Liter capacity hopper empties easy.
7. Rear mounted wheels climb stairs.
8. No Electricity and Battery;
9. Designed for both industrial and commercial area
10. Suitable for maintaining any hard floor and ideal for removing dirt, dust and debris from large surface areas.

Manual Floor Sweeper SH-1050STB Specifications:


Mechanical Cleaning Sweeper SH-1050STB


PP+ engineering plastics






Manual forward and no belt

Work rating

3,600 square meters per hour

Mainbroom path






Sweeping system

Double round brush



Save room

Can be folded




Indoor, Outdoor


1 year

Walk-behind or pedestrian machines, the operator pushes the sweeper (manual sweeper machine). Pedestrian sweepers are economical, simple to use and service, handy in narrow spaces, and are usually recommended for big areas.

Our floor sweeping machines are widely used with woodworking industries, factories, wood workshops. Also it is ideal for use in warehouses, small factories, car parks, retail stores, shopping centres and office buildings.

It is the first step to successful automation, welcome your inquiry.

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