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5x10 ATC CNC Router with Umbrella Type Auto Tool Changer Mechanism ATC1530AU
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5x10 ATC CNC Router with Umbrella Type Auto Tool Changer Mechanism ATC1530AU
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Product Description:

5x10 ATC CNC Router with Umbrella Type Auto Tool Changer Mechanism

5x10 ATC CNC Router with Umbrella Type Auto Tool Changer Mechanism
Model: ATC1530AU

This auto tool changer (ATC) cnc router is with ATC router spindle, 8-10 tools auto change, different from multi spindle tool changer machine. This auto tool changer CNC machine is suit for diverse complexity products processing, wide functions: engraving and milling, drilling, cutting, chamfering edge and so on. Many tools autochanger, functional and save time and labor power.

Auto Tool Changer CNC Applicable industry and material:
1. Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plate, ofice and wod furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows.
2. The wood products: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine table, instruments.
3. Plate processing: insulation part, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner body of car, bowling tracks, stairs, anti-Beta board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.
4. Decorate industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, artifical stone, organic glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process. 

5x10 Auto Tool Changer Descriptions: 
CNC router auto tool changer ATC1530AU
1. Taiwan SYNTEC EZ4 control system
2. Italy HSD 9kw air cooling spindle
3. Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver  4 sets
4. Whole steel structure, heavy lathe bed
5. Vacuum table with 5.5kw air vacuum pump
6. Disc type Tool Magazine with 8 tools station
7. High precision Taiwan HIWIN 30 square guide rail
8. Rack and pinion for X Y axis, Taiwan TBI Ball screw for Z axis.
9. With dust collect cover
10. Fuling Inverter  11KW
11. Design software: Artcam, type3 and Wentai
12. Two sets tools (24 tools), collets and wrench
13.Working area: 1500*3000mm
14. 6 vacuum suction zone controlled by electromagnetic valves
15. Tool holder: 3pcs for free
16.Oil-injection lubrication system
17. Taiwan planetary gear reducer
18. Z axis with balance cylinder

Umbrella Type Tool Changer Mechanism CNC Router Parameters:


Umbrella Type Auto tool changer cnc router



X,Y Working Area


Z Working Area


Table Size




Lathe Structure

Seamless welded steel structure

X,Y Structure

Rack and pinion, gear drive,
Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails

Z Structure

Taiwan TBI rolling ball screw,
Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails

Max. Idling Speed



Italy HSD ATC air-cooling 9.0KW

Spindle Speed

0-24000r/min, variable speed

Working Voltage


Motor and driver



G code (HPGL, U00, mmg, plt)

Operating System

Taiwan SYNTEC control system

Diameter of Cutter


Cooling Mode


Dust-collect Function


Work Holding

By suction or clamp

Tool Magazine

Circle-style Umbrella auto-tool changer system

Net Weight