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High Torque Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors for CNC Routers
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High Torque Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors for CNC Routers
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High Torque Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors for CNC Routers

86BYGH450A High Torque Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors for CNC Routers

86BYGH450A-06/85BYGH450A-06 Stepper Motors for CNC Router Engraving Machine

86BYGH450A-06 or 85BYGH450A-06 cnc stepper motor is a new 2-phase hi-torque hybrid stepper motor. Widely used in CNC router machines, CNC lasers, CNC plasma cutting machines, etc.

Hybrid stepper motors 86BYGH450A-06,
Shaft size: 14mm or 12.7mm

Hybrid Stepping motor technical parameters:

Model: 85BYGH450A-06 or 86BYGH450A-06
Step Angle: 1.8°±5%
Winding: 2 Phase
Insulation Resistant: 500V DC 100MΩ Min
Insulation Strength: 50Hz 1Minute 500V Min
Ambient Temperature: -20鈩儈+50鈩
Temperature Rise: 80鈩 Max.
Radial Play: 0.02mm Max.
End Play: 0.1-0.3mm
Current: 4 A
Resistant: 0.62Ohm
Inductance: 3.5mH
Max static torque:
Rotary inertia: 2700g.cm²
Net weight: 2.1KG
Shaft length: 31.5±1mm
Body length: 75±1mm
Shaft diameter: 14mm or 12.7mm
Fix holes distance: 70±0.35mm
Leading wires: 4 leading wires
Wiring: Red A; Green A-; yellow B+; Blue B-

86BYGH450A 2 phase hybrid stepper motors have two kinds, 14mm without keyway shaft and 12.7mm with keyway shaft, please tell me which kinds is your need. The default shaft is 12.7mm with keyway.

As to 12.7mm diameter shaft stepper motors, keyway can be taken down if you don’t use it.

Except 86BYGH450A-06-18 stepping motors, we also have 86BYGH450B-06 stepper motor kits:

86BYGH450A is used to middle size CNC router like W1212, W1325C, W1325V, W1325VC with long lifetime and good quality. 

86BYGH450B is used to bigger woodworking CNC router like, W1530C, W2030V, W2040V with long lifetime and good quality.

Also we have 57BYGH311-01, 42BYGH cnc router stepper motors and so on. We can supply the steppering motors as per your needs.

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