CNC Router Woodworking Machine Lost Step Solution
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    CNC Router Woodworking Machine Lost Step Solution

    CNC Router Woodworking Machine Lost Step Solution

    Although they are high-precision CNC engraving machine, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, but  if done incorrectly or woodworking CNC router machine is affected by factors such as external electromagnetic interference, then there will be errors in sculpture carving process. If the CNC wood router machine engraving lost step, how should we solve it?

    1, the first inside look at the process parameters of the CNC wood working machine’s processing speed exceeds the speed limit, change into the appropriate engraving speed.

    2, followed by heavy equipment engraving machine control system (handle user will handle formatting), computer viruses or U disk virus may cause damage to the control system program lost step.

    3, check whether the nearby CNC wood machine source of interference, such as power lines, transformers and wood carving CNC router machine other equipment jamming equipment.

    4, the wood engraving machine might be loose coupling, timely tighten loose coupling.

    5, unstable power supply can cause the problem, replace the original or add regulator.

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