CNC In The Furniture Cabinets Signs Making Industries Today
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    CNC In The Furniture Cabinets Signs Making Industries Today

    cnc furniture cabinets signs making
    CNC In The Furniture Cabinets Signs Making Industries Today

    Have you found that Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are used in just about every manufacturing process today? If you are already working in the furniture making industry, chances are that you will be dealing with CNC at some time or another. In every country, the use of CNC in this industry is increasing all the time.

    The first CNC machine was developed in 1951 at the University of Massachusetts (USA) to meet the demands of post war military aircraft production. In 1969, CNC machines became available to the wood working industry. The introduction of CNC machines radically changed the furniture making industry. Time consuming techniques, such as cutting curves, suddenly became much easier. A machine could be 'programmed' to perform several steps at a time, cutting down on the time required for human action. Employers love cost savings!

    With the advent of panel products such as particle board and medium density fiberboard (MDF), CNC equipment has now been widely adopted for the production of components for many types of furniture including knock-down furniture, office fittings, kitchens, cabinets and wall units.

    In the early 1980s, in response to the demand for quick set up times, the Point to Point borer was developed. This machine was able to deliver small runs (of several pieces only) within a few minutes. It was around this time that the industry was beginning to embrace the Just in Time (JIT) principle of manufacturing and this machine fitted this philosophy perfectly.

    Today, there are many types of CNC machines used in the furniture making industry. Modern CNC machines now have routing, boring, grooving, planing and sanding tools and are capable of up to nine separate simultaneous movements on parabolic planes using multiple heads and automatic tool changers.
    Multiple heads CNC routers and automatic tool changers CNC centers allow a number of tools to be used on the one component without having to reset the machine.

    3 axis relief carving and 4 axis 3D statues sculpturing are now is growing very fast. Now only in furniture making industry, but also in stone carving industry, advertising signs making industry, moulds and dies making industry, etc. CNC application tendency is very good, save labor force and improve the productivity.
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