CNC Router Open vs. Closed Loop System
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    CNC Router Open vs. Closed Loop System

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    CNC Router Open vs. Closed loop system

    The open and closed loop system describes the two primary types of CNC control systems. Open and closed loop describes the control process of a system. Open loop refers to a system where the communication between the controller system and the motor is one way.

    As you can see the process for a open loop system is simple. After the user decides what he/she wants to do and generates the g-code or some sort of work file, the NC software then create the necessary step and direction signals to perform the desired task. The computer relays this information to the controller which then energizes the motor/s. After the motor moves to the desired position, there is no feedback to the controller system to verify the action. 

    In the CNC router machinery industry, open loop systems use stepper motors. However, just because a system uses stepper motors does not mean the system is an open loop system. Stepper motors may be outfitted with encoders to provide position feedback just like servo motors. 

    Stepper motors are able to operate in an open loop system while servo motors are not, for CNC applications at least. Because stepper motors do not require feedback hardware, the price for an open loop CNC system is much cheaper and simpler than a closed loop system. This makes it more affordable for hobbyists to build their own CNC machine. 

    There are drawbacks to the open loop system. Because there is no feedback to the controller, if the motor does not operate as instructed there is no way for the system to know. The controller system will continue performing the next task as if there is no problem until a limit switch is tripped or the operator resets the machine. 

    Many do it yourselfers run into trouble by overloading their machine and losing steps with the open loop system. This can ruin the piece or be harmful to the machine or user. However, if the system is constructed properly and not overloaded, there is no reason an open loop system should not function properly. 

    Closed Loop 

    The closed loop system has a feedback system to monitor the output of the motors. Closed systems are also able to correct errors in position, velocity, and acceleration, and also fault the system if the error is too large. 

    Most of these closed loop controllers are PID or proportional–integral–derivative controllers. The encoder output is fed into the motor driver. A PID controller attempts to correct the error between a measured variable and a desired set point by calculating and then outputting a corrective action that can adjust the process accordingly and rapidly, to keep the error minimal.

    The disadvantages of closed loop systems are cost and complexity. Closed loop controllers can be harder to tune and have more parts that could fail.

    For normal CNC Routers, open loop system is ok. It can meet most customers’ needs, and it is economic and affordable. Usually, big size machineauto tool change machinebig mould making cnc router4 axis cnc router adopt servo motor need closed loop system.

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