CNC Router Machine for Slatwall Board Grooves Cutting Becomes More and More Popular
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    Slatwall Board Grooves Cutting CNC Router Machine Becomes More and More Popular

    Slatwall Board Grooves Cutting

    Slatwall Board Grooves Cutting CNC Router Machine Becomes More and More Popular

    Slatwall board, it’s also referred to as slat wall, slot wall, slotwall, slat board, slot board, display wall, and groove wall. The slots now are made by CNC router machine, which is controlled by computer, makes the distance between slots more accurate, the slots more straight, and the edge more perfect.

    Slatwall is a panel wall material widely used in retail stores to display products and merchandise. Slatwall has routed grooves (or slots) to allow for placement for hooks, brackets and displays. The slatwall panel itself is made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This is a high quality engineered timber product made with hardwood/softwood fibers.
    Standard size: 
    1220x2440mm also named Portrait slatwall, 1220mm groove; 
    2440x1220mm also named Landscape slatwall, 2440mm groove;
    Standard thick: 
    Usually is 15mm, 18mm. 
    End side half groove: 
    1220mm height by 2440mm width slatwall panel has a ½ groove at the top and bottom to allow the panels to be installed one above another without a seam.
    Standard slatwall finish:
    With solid color or patterned Melamine finish. Specialty finishes such as real wood veneer or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is also available.

    As slatwall is more and more popular, there is a very big market. The manufacturers who want to produce slatwall, a high quality CNC router is a great help. We have more experience in landscape slatwall CNC router, portrait slatwall cnc router, multiheads cnc routers producing. Welcome your inquiry, more information will share with you.

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