The Cautions and Maintenance of CO2 CNC Laser Engraving Machine
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    The Cautions and Maintenance of CO2 CNC Laser Engraving Machine

    All machines, we should pay attention to its maintenance. Here is some information for CO2 CNC Laser Engraving Machine maintenance, this will help to enlarge the machine working life and have less problem.

    1. If there is no special requirements, the ray intensity should be less than 80 percent, thus to avoid the tube aging quickly.
    2. Water temperature should be examined at all times during the working process. Once the water turns to warm, please change it fight away (the right way of changing water is to get out of some some hot water and fill in cold water.
    3. Water tank, water pump and water inlet and out rubber tube should be cleaned once every four days.
    4. Focal lens should be cleaned after removal. And the lens should be fixed firmly but not too tightly for fear of break after cleaning.
    5. The minimum amount of cooling water should not be less than 30L. Make sure that the water can submerge the submersible pump.
    6. Do not use circulating water of por quality, because it may affect the laser power seriously and shorten the service life of laser tube. The manufacturer is not responsible for repairing the laser tube damaged by the using of poor-qualified water. It is suggested to use purified water or distilled water.
    7. Please clean the working platform every time after working. Do not make dust flying. 
    8. Please clean the machine after working every day. While cleaning, the crossbeam and Larry can be pushed gently and carefully in the condition that the power is turned off. Do not pull it strongly.
    9. Please pay attention to the focal length beforestarting the machine every time. The accuracy of focal length will greatly affect the carving effects.
    10. Please clean the 1# and 2# reflecting lens on the machine carefully, otherwise, the ray path need readjustment.
    11. The outer equipments (blower fan,air pump,etc.) should be cleaned once every two weeks.
    12. Guide rails should be cleaned and lubricated once every two weeks.
    13. If there is any question ,please concet our customer Service Department.
    14. Users should follow all the above-mentioned regulations carefully. Otherwise the manfacturer will not take responsibility for any troubles of the machine or physical injuries.
    15. Lens should be cleaned once every day before starting the machine (Notice:It is not the time of being off duty).