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Best 3 Axis Small CNC Router Table for Engraving PCB Routing Plexiglass A5040C
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Best 3 Axis Small CNC Router Table for Engraving PCB Routing Plexiglass A5040C
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Best 3 Axis Small CNC Router Table for Engraving PCB Routing Plexiglass

Best 3 Axis Small CNC Router Table for Engraving PCB Routing Plexiglass
Model: A5040C

This 3 axis CNC router is one high precision small cnc router table with 2D& 3D CAD/CAM machining capabilities. It is the best choice for the Engraver, Sign maker, Panel maker and Educational Institution. It is small enough to fit into almost any work space, on the desktop or table.

This smart cnc router is a hobby CNC milling machine, usually referring to the homemade CNC router. These machines are usually designed and built by the owner. It is usually used for producing name badges, equipment tags, small signs, plaques and awards, gift items, pet tags, ID tags, electrical tags, military name tags, desk plates, or mark industrial parts. 

CNC 3 Axis PCB Router Applications:
Technology research, arts creation, teaching student project, hobby purposes, building model making.
Advertising: Advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, engraving on a variety of advertising decorative products materials.
Other industry: relief, widely used in craft gifts industry.
Aluminum industry: cutting aluminum, aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum profile.
3D ornamental engraving process, wave board production, LED, neon trough literal cutting, plastic mold making, light box cutting. 
Acrylic, copper, PVC board, artificial stone, MDF board, plexiglass, PCB making and other types of sheet processing.

CNC Router PCB Engraver Features:
1. T shape square steel tube lathe bed, strong and heavy, great stability for the machine working.
2. Taiwan TBI ball screw for XYZ 3 axes, high precision, long time use.
3. 1.5KW water cooled spindle, with water cooling system.
4. 1.5kw Best frequency inverter to adjust spindle speed.
5. High quality stepper motor and Leadshine stepper driver.
6. DSP handle control system, easy to operate.
7. High performance low cost.
8. Working voltage: AC220V, 50-60Hz, single phase.
9. Software: Type3, Artcam, Ucancam
10. CE approved
11. Via USB interface to transmit data, can work offline.

CNC Router Plexiglass Routing Machine Parameters:



X,Y,Z Working Area


Table Size


X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


X,Y,Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy


Table Surface 

T-slot Extrusions 


T shaped welding steel

X, Y, Z transmission

Ball Screw

Guide rails

Linear bearings round rails

Max. power Consumption 


Max. Rapid Travel Rate 


Max. Working Speed


Spindle Power Motor

1.5Kw water cooling spindle

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors 

Stepper system 

Working Voltage


Command Language 

G code

Operating System

DSP System 



Flash Memory

512M(U Disk) 



X,Y Resolution 



Type3, Artcam, Ucancam

Running Environment 

Temperature: 0°C~45°C 
Relative humidity: 30%~75%

Packing Size

1010 x 1500 x 1000mm

Net Weight


Gross Weight