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CW250 Stepper Driver Controller for CNC Router Step Motor Driving
Product Name:
CW250 Stepper Driver Controller for CNC Router Step Motor Driving
Number :
Stepper Driver CW250

Product Description:

cw250 stepper motor driver

CW250 Stepper Driver Controller for CNC Router Step Motor Driving

This stepper driver is CW250 2 Phase Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver, 8 subdivide, 20-60VDC 5A, controls the nema23 nema34 stepping motor and 57 86 serial stepper motor, widely used on small size CNC router engraving machines.

CW250 Stepper Driver Parameters:

1, Input Voltage: 20 ~ 60VDC single voltage supply.
2, Phase Current: the current module can be adjusted (0~5A).
3, Drive Mode: full bridge drive.
4, Fine Points: 1/8, 1/2 (the whole step is 1.8 degrees).
5, Operating Characteristics: better than the original motor factory indicators.
6, Protection Form: over heat protection, lock automatic half flow.
7, Size: 140mm * 94mm * 45mm
8, Weight: <500g.
9, Operating Environment: temperature -15 ~ 40
10, Humidity <90%

CW250 Stepper Motor Driver Terminal: (PORTS I/O)
1, VCC: power supply 20~60VDC
Note: avoid more than 60V, so as not to damage the module
2, GND: VCC power supply corresponding ground
3, B+, B-: a phase stepper motor package
4, A+, A-: another phase stepper motor package
(if it is found that the motor runs in the direction of the reverse, only A+, A- can be transferred)
5, CP +, CP -: step pulse input (the rising edge of the effective, duration of >10 S)
6, CW +, CW-: motor running direction control, through the control of the terminal level can be changed motor running direction
7, RST+, RST-: emergency stop reset

CW250 Step Drive Note: (CAUTIONS)
Motor connection: this drive module is suitable for the two phase, four phase hybrid stepping motor with rated current 5A. Please note that the motor line do not connect wrong, so as not to burn the drive module.
Avoid contact with corrosive gases.
When the environment temperature is higher or the working current is more than 3A, the module should be fixed on the large metal shell, and the axial flow fan is applied to heat radiation, so that the module can run reliably for a long time.

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CW250 CNC NEMA Stepper Motor Driver controller