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JR-3A Gel Super Concentrated Ointment for CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine
Product Name:
JR-3A Gel Super Concentrated Ointment for CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine
Number :
JR 3A WEDM Concentrated Ointment

Product Description:

JR 3A Concentrated Ointment for Wire Cut EDM

JR-3A Gel Super Concentrated Ointment for CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine 

Gel to reduce water conductivity for EDM wire cut machine, Green Product for the environment

JR 3A Concentration Solution:
Put the liquid into running water with a ratio 1:40-50 (liquid: Water) and stir until mix the ointment into water thoroughly.

JR 3A Concentrated Ointment Features:

The product is based on WEDM solid soap. It inherits the advandage of solid soap like high oil:water ratio, convenient shipping, and dissolves as quickly as oil.
1. Uniform and white finish surface almost without stripe.
2. Improve machining efficiency 30% more and surface finish degree one grade more.
3. Improve machining process indexes especially when cutting workpiece thicker than 300mm.
4. Workpiece is easy to take off and clean.
5. Specially suitable for multiple-cut of WEDM-HS.

Please do not mix other emulsified oil into the tank, otherwise, will decrease the performance.

Brand Name


Model Number



Green product for the environment

Net Weight


Expire Date

12 months

Concentration Solution

1:40-50 (liquid:Water)

Quality standard

Q/ZJRX 001-2004



Packaging Details:

2KG Special Plastic Bottle. 18KG/BOX,(2*9 bottles)

Supply Ability:

100 Box/Boxes per Week

Concentrated Ointment Using range:
Specialized for all types of Wire cut Electric Discharge Machine (WEDM—Medium Speed). It can be also used as cooling liquid for grinder, lathe, miller and other kinds of black metal's machining processes.

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