CNC Routers 3D Carving Wood Routing Machine
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CNC Routers 3D Carving Wood Routing Machine W1325V
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CNC Routers 3D Carving Wood Routing Machine W1325V
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CNC Routers 3D Carving Wood Routing Machine

CNC Routers 3D Carving Wood Routing Machine
Model: W1325V

We provide unique 3D CNC router, widely carving MDF, plywood, chipboard, partical board, Valchromat, Tricoya, wood and other wood based sheet materials. It is a great CNC tool for a workshop to provide CNC cutting, CNC design and CNC services.

Our 3d router machines are available in large and small table configurations and are capable of handling a wide variety of milling, drilling, contouring, boring, shaping, grooving, routing and engraving projects. Applications for these 3d cnc routing machine include: cut out letters, inlays, and ADA and 2.5-D and 3D signs; cabinets, furnitures, store fixtures and other woodworking and plastic POP projects; control panels; and plastic fabrication and machining.

CNC 3D Router Features:
1, Suitable for wood, plastic and Aluminium milling and especially for solid wood doors, decorative plates, furniture, cabinets and other engraving process.
2, Perfect MDF automatic cut machine for routing MDF shapes.
3, Vacuum table, rack and pinion, stepper motors.
4, Advanced structure design, high- strength steel and durable, but at a very economical price.
5, Gantry dual-motor drive make sure the movement fast and smooth.
6, 4.5kw water spindle with low failure rate and high strength and less noisy.
7, Ncstudio PCI control system, controlled the machine by computer, easy to make designs and cutting.

CNC 3D Router Machine Technical Data:

Working size (X,Y)
Z travel height

Vacuum table with 5.5Kw China Vacuum pump; 3.0KW Dust Clean System


Water cooled spindle, China air cooled spindle, Italy HSD air cooled spindle optional

Spindle speed
Stepper Motors
X Y axis transmission
Rack & Pinion, Linear Guide
Z axis transmission
Ballscrew, Linear Guide
Ncstudio High Version

CNC Router 3D Carving Machine Applications:
Shapes, circles, ellipses, polygons, ribs, frames, holes, slots, ploughs, rebates, pockets, Fishbone Chairs, blind holes, face drilling, round overs, slatwall, fretwork, engraving, door face detail (raised & fielded panels). Widely used for enhancing the décor of interiors in both commercial and non-commercial places.

Sculpting, moulds, forms, jigs, patterns, complex surfaces - bevels - round overs, 3D engraving to curved surfaces, angled holes - slots - ploughs - rebates - pockets and drillings. Widely used for decorating offices, commercial shops, homes etc.

Moulds: 3D sculpting, prototyping, mould making, machining compound curved surfaces, trimming vacuum & injection moulded plastic forms, engraving to complex curves.
Lettering & Logos: It is possible to CNC machine logos, designs, names, individual lettering or numbering on components.