Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
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    Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

    Dragon Boat Festival RICOCNC

    Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

    Hi guys,

    We will take a holiday from 28-30 May for the Dragon Boat Festival.And will strat work on 31 May.
    Have a good weekend.

    Do you know China Dragon Boat Festival?
    Dragon Boat Festival is in the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, in order to commemorate the ancient Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan.
    There are many special events on that day,the most famous activities are the boating games and making the rice dumplings.

    Dragon Boating Game RicoCNC
    1, Dragon Boating Game
    Rowing is a very interesting event.
    The boat looks like a dragon,the people in every boat is no more than 19 people,the bow of the people responsible for playing drums for cheering the people, the stern man is for the helm, others are for boating.
    This activity is good for teamwork training.

    Making the rice dumplings RicoCNC
    2, Making the rice dumplings
    In the Dragon Boat Festival, every chinese people will make the rice dumplings with their families or friends.
    Although they are all named rice dumplings, but their shape and taste are different in different areas in China.
    Now, in the Chinese supermarket you can buy a variety of tastes.

    Welcome to China to experience a variety of traditional festivals, you will be memorable.