Welcome our Swedish Client Come to Our CNC Router Machine Factory
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    Welcome our Swedish Client Come to Our Factory

    cnc router for sweden client

    Welcome our Swedish Client Come to Our Factory

    This week our client from Sweden come to our factory to get the introduction and inspection of his 2 meters by 4 meters cnc router machine before shipping.
    He is very satisfied with the CNC machine's quality and factory's 6S management. Everything goes well.

    This 2000*4000 working area cnc router will come to Sweden to mill whiteboard surfaces. The front of the whiteboard in 0.5 mm enameled steel, the coor is 8 mm MDF board, and the rear of the whiteboard is anodized 0.5 mm steel. The enameld frontside is 0.5 mm thick with enamel, but only 0.3 mm of steel. It’s not stainless, it’s like the type that’s used in ventilation ducts.
    The tinned rearside is 0.3 mm thick. The steel is quite soft, and is easerly cut with hand sissor.
    The DesignLine Whiteboard, Mobile Signage, Education Wall, Meeting Wall Small, Portal Media Hub, Conference Combinet, DesignLine Sideboard, Mobile UST, etc will be made.

    Wish RICOCNC will have more business in Europe.

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