Tips for using new electric spindle motor for cnc router machine
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    Tips for Using New Electric Spindle Motor for CNC Router Machine

    Tips for using new electric spindle motor for cnc router machine:  

    After the cnc router machine worked a long time, the high-speed bearings of the spindle will be worn or damaged, sometime spindle damaged. So will use a new spindle to replace.

    1. Before fixed the spindle to the cnc router head, please rotate the spindle nose, make sure it can rotate easily, not get stuck.

    2. The electric spindle and the frequency inverter shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the inverter shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle, and it will burn the spindle if the settings are not correct.

    3. As you got the new spindle please check the plug to the spindle should match the power supply. For example 2 3 4 correspond to U V W, and 1 correspond to Ground. 

    4. Before using water-cooling spindle, it shall ensure that cooling cycle system works normally and the running under no cooling conditions is prohibited. The volume of cooling water is calculated as per 2.5 liter/kw, minute, the minimum flow of cooling water is not less than 5 liter/minute, cooling water pipe and the nozzle shall be connected reliably and there is no leakage.

    5. During storage and transport of the spindle, the status of high-speed grease inside the bearing will change. The user shall run it at a low speed first by starting from the lowest speed of the spindle for 30 minutes and then 20 minutes for every 3000 rounds; idle running from low speed to high speed step by step. Otherwise there will have abnormal sound, noise, heat and other phenomena, which will affect the bearing life if the spindle is started directly at a high speed. During long term storage, the spindle shall run (at low speed) for 15~30 minutes once a week at least.

    6. Collet, collet nuts and inner taper hole shall be washed clean when installing blades on the spindle in order to avoid any impact on the precision. The blade handle shall be inserted into the collet more than 15mm.

    7. For daily machining, the spindle shall be warmed up, run for 15~20 minutes when the machining speed is reached and then performs precise machining. It is better to stop the spindle for two hours every day in order to recover its mechanical fatigue and prolong its life time.

    8. No knocking the end cover of the spindle. No hammering the collet and blade head when removing blades. No shocking or colliding during transport, storage and using, especially the end of the spindle.

    9. The spindle shall run in designated direction.

    10. The spindle shall be installed and fixed according to the relevant drawings and instructions.

    11. The environment temperature for GDZ series water cooling spindle shall be within -10-40鈩. Water cooling to keep the water temperature within 22-25鈩.