What is the Best Time to Replace a New Woodworking CNC Router Bit?
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    What is the Best Time to Replace a New Woodworking CNC Router Bit

    What is the Best Time to Replace a New Woodworking CNC Router Bit

    What is the Best Time to Replace a New Woodworking CNC Router Bit

    For router bits or saw blades, the most sharp moment is the new one. At this time for wood cutting, the cutting feeding is particularly easy. Wood cutting edge is also very smooth, and the sawdust is also like snowflake pieces.

    But when the tool aging:
    First, it will make people feel the cutting force increased, that is, must be given a greater thrust can be a smooth infeed.
    Second, the trimming is not so smooth, and sometimes there will be a darker color of charred tendencies.
    Third, the wood dust powder increased.

    About router cutters overused:
    1, In a lot of situations, cutting tools are often overused. In other words, it should be updated or re-grinding, but continue to be used. This phenomenon is ubiquitous, and are based on the principle of save cost!

    2, Some people just use as long as it can, until damage. Many users do not know what time the cutting tool should be changed. Unknowingly, they used the cutter bits which should not be sustained use.

    3, Usually personally feel thrust increases, you know the tool is almost the use up. When using the saw table, the most likely to feel thrust heavier. But use CNC router engraving machine, sometimes due to increase the amount of cutting, user ignored the phenomenon of tool aging.

    4, The router bit cutting is tearing the wood from the original tissue separation, the more sharp bits, tearing the more crisp; get the trimming is more smooth and tidy. When the tool aging, especially in the anti-grain texture, is particularly prone to rough edge.

    In fact, like a straight router bit, as the most using tools, the price is not high. But the use of aging tools, in addition to the uneven cutting surface, and give greater thrust into the people more tired. Seriously, it is to greatly reduce the life of the machine equipment, the aging tool in order to maintain rotation of the cutting tool to produce, you have to consume more power output. AS the thrust increases, the most direct impact is the bearing. To stand excessive lateral force, the bearing is easy to burn damaged or burned. Bearing excessive wear and tear, will increase the amount of axis offset. High-speed rotation plus wear eccentric makes the bearing worse, makes the bearing to accelerate damage. Excessive use, the heat will soon burn the bearings, a lot of equipment can not turn, most of the reasons are bearing burned.
    So to maintance your cnc router machine well, it is necessary to replace the router bits at the suitable time.

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