Toolholder and Collets Advice - ER vs. EOC
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    Toolholder and Collets Advice - ER vs. EOC

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    Toolholder and Collets Advice - ER vs. EOC
    Many CNC router workers are wondering to know what is the difference between an ER collet and the EOC collet systems?

    The ER system is more common in industry, are a double angle collet, have a wider range (they hold oversize and undersize tooling without altering their accuracy) and have the highest gripping power. The EOC Collet system has also been called "SYOZ" collet by some manufacturers. It is typically used with collet systems on foreign made CNC machines, are for one size only (no give or take for size variations).

    My understanding is the difference between ER and EOC is the length of the collet. Specifically the length of the contact area on the tool shank. The EOC style is longer and has a longer contact area. This presumably relates to greater holding force. The EOC is ever so slightly less accurate. It is .0004 TIR (Total Indicator Reading) compared to a .0003" TIR of the ER. The EOC style is usually more expensive. Unless you are cutting something really hard, I'm not sure EOC has an advantage. 
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