Woodworking CNC Router ATC with ISO30 VS HSK F63 Toolholders
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    Woodworking CNC Router ATC with ISO30 VS HSK F63 Toolholders

    Woodworking CNC Router ATC with ISO30 VS HSK F63 Toolholders
    The CNC router is ideal for hobbies, engineering prototyping, product development, art, and production work. And now more and more people choose auto tool changer CNC routers, spindle with ATC.
    For ATC spindle, there are several cores, for wood working cnc router center, usually have 3 types, ISO30, HSK F63 and BT30. ISO30 is mostly used, and now HSK F63 because more and more popular. 
    ISO-30, HSK-63 or the tools just get held in a collet tool holder affixed directly to the spindle nose. ISO-30 and HSK-63 are rapid-change toolholding systems. HSK-63 has begun to supplant the ISO-30 as the rapid change standard in recent years.

    What is the difference between ISO-30 and HSK-63 toolholders?
    The acronym "HSK" is the German abbreviation for "hollow taper shank." An HSK shank has a ratio of 1:10, compared to ISO (BT, SK) shanks that have ratios of 7:24. HSK shanks must be connected to machines via compatible HSK spindle receivers. Whereas steep-taper shanks were developed prior to standardization, HSK shanks were developed to address performance problems associated with the traditional interfaces, particularly in high speed machining applications.

    Although different clamping methods are available depending on the tooling manufacturer, all HSK receivers incorporate segmented collets that expand radially under drawbar pressure to bear against the inner wall of the shank. Because the collet's chamfer matches the chamfer of the shank's inner wall, the shank is locked securely into the receiver when the drawbar is actuated. When this occurs, elastic deformation of the shank's walls creates firm metal-to-metal contact around the shank, as well as mating the shank's flange with the receiver.

    Assuming that equivalent force is applied to the drawbar, twice as much clamping force is exerted on the flange of an HSK shank compared to a steep-taper shank. This extra clamping force makes the radial stiffness of HSK toolholders up to five times greater than the value for CAT, SK, ISO or BT. This makes the tool more resistant to bending loads, thus allowing deeper cuts and higher feedrates in milling and boring operations. Higher rigidity also translates to a higher natural frequency for the cutting system. This allows a tool to be operated at higher speeds before resonance or "chatter" commences. Because tool deflection is reduced, machining accuracy and surface finish also improve.

    With its stronger clamping mechanism, HSK tooling is also considerably more resistant to pull-out forces than conventional interfaces.
    In terms of torsional stiffness, the HSK interface is comparable to the ISO (SK, BT) connection. But HSK transfers significantly greater torque than conventional shanks 
    The tool-changing capability of HSK is another improvement when compared to steep-taper shanks. Because of the short length of the HSK taper (approximately one-half the length of a ISO shank) and the lighter weight of its hollow shank, tool changes can be completed more rapidly than is true with conventional toolholders. Part of this time savings results from the fact that the HSK interface does not require a retention knob to clamp the shank.
    Also HSK is more dust resistant, but given that the auto-changing spindles all have air blowers anyway it's a non-issue.

    Though HSK F63 is better than ISO 30, the HSK F63 ATC spindle and toolholder is more expensive than ISO 30 automatic tool changing spindle. For woodworking cnc router, usually ISO 30 is enough to use. But if the CNC router machine mostly be working with solid timber up to 70mm thick, mainly run thicker solid stuffs, HSK63 is supposed to be better.

    RICO CNC can offer all cnc consumables to your high speed spindle including: toolholders HSK 63F or ISO 30 or BT30, BT40; collet nuts; pull studs; tool clamping units, etc.

    If anything we can help with CNC Routers and spare parts, welcome to contact us, we will do our best to support.