Woodworking CNC Router Buying Tips
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    Woodworking CNC Router Buying Tips

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    Woodworking CNC Router Buying Tips

    Anyone who works with wood knows that the quality of the product is a top priority. Whether you make cabinets or signage, furniture or staircases, a woodworking CNC router is essential both to productivity and to consistent quality. Of course, wood CNC routers are hefty investments, so before you buy, it's important to consider your options carefully.

    What type of woodworking CNC router do you need?
    The amount of money you spend on a woodworking CNC router will depend on several factors, but it is important that you choose a machine capable of tolerating the workload you expect it to perform. For example, a large business with a long list of clients might need a 10-foot by 5-foot router table with 10 or 20 HP. A smaller business, however, might be able to make do with less horsepower and a smaller working area.

    Important features to consider
    For a high-volume business, features on a woodworking CNC router are particularly important, though you should also consider the quality and features for a smaller enterprise. The construction of the table, for example, will make a large difference in how well it holds up over time. The best wood CNC routers come equipped with heavy steel tables rather than aluminum with sheet-metal coverings.

    It is also essential to try out the software program to see if it is capable of handling the work you intend to do. Some of these machines are designed for intricate wood crafting, from lettering to beveling to engraving. Others are far more generic and won't be able to compute intricate designs. Make sure you talk to the dealer about precise resolution accuracy.

    The software that comes with your wood working CNC router should be easy to understand, and should accept the measurements you program in for various projects. Some machines come with such luxuries as tool path previewers, G CODE editors, production logging and even automatic positioning. If you need these features, make sure they come with the machine you have chosen.

    Planning for the future
    A CNC wood router can be used for a wide variety of projects, and it is important to consider what you might do in the future as well as what you currently produce. Spending $10,000 on a router that will only get you through a year or two is not prudent planning. However, if your business needs outstrip your router's capabilities in the future, you can always resell it - there are plenty of woodworking routers available on the market as used or refurbished products.

    One important way to plan for the future is to buy the CNC router from an reputable dealer. A good dealer will help you think about both your current needs and potential growth. Rico CNC is a qualified CNC router dealer in your area and get working! You can trust!

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