The Basic Knowledge of CNC Router Tool Path
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    The Basic Knowledge of CNC Router Tool Path

    CNC router tool path knowledge
    The basic knowledge of CNC router tool path

    CNC router engraving product is divided into two-dimensional CNC cutting and three-dimensional CNC carving, sculpture; drilling into points, contour and regional milling. To make tool path for the cnc router to machining, several important parameters we should be known.

    1, Incised and carved
    The so-called "incised" means: carving material left after the sunken text or graphics.
    The so-called "carved" refers to: carving material left after projecting text or pattern, commonly known as positive word.

    2, Engraving depth
    The "engraving depth" refers to the maximum depth of the machining. In a three-dimensional carving, carving paths and changing the shape change of the depth of processing graphics.

    3, Layered carving
    In the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, cut the word appear in the image carved "layered carving, each feed does not exceed set depth, maximum depth of each tool into the material, hard texture of the material by the experience. The value of a number of layered carving, final completed design engraving depth.

    4, Mosaic path
    The so-called "Mosaic", that is, a design graphics were incised and male engraved, the two parts obtained by respectively referred to the female mold and the male mold; two molds can seamlessly buckle together. Taking into account the impact of the tool, in the calculation of the engraving path, one must select the "mosaic path”.

    5, The tool compensation
    In the process, the wood CNC router tool itself cutting width, with the tool compensation, cutter blade width automatically eliminate processing effects.

    6, The direction of rotation when the crispening
    Conducting cutting and milling bottom, select the appropriate Crochet direction of rotation can be processed objects smoother side.

    7, Milling bottom way
    Calculation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional path, milling is a common processing that is milling to the spare parts of an object or text. The used milling bottom: horizontal milling bottom, vertical milling the end, the end of the forward 45 degree milling, the reverse end of a 45-degree milling, circular milling bottom, but no matter which way you choose, the result is the same, differing only in processing tool walking route.

    8, Tool selection
    In order to ensure that the processing efficiency in the processing of objects of different materials, different hardness, ensure that the processing effect, you need to select the appropriate processing tool. Users can set up their own, naming their common tool.

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