The biggest advantages for sign makers using CNC routers
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    The biggest advantages for sign makers using CNC routers

    signs making by cnc router advantages
    A lot of sign makers are considering expand their signs making business with cnc routers. Some already done it, and some is wandering.
    Is it good for your to have a cnc machine for sign making?
    What are the biggest advantages for sign makers using routers?

    The biggest advantages of CNCs in the sign industry are speed, accuracy and repeatability. CNC's also allow you to custom rout metal forms to help aid your fabricators in the creation of custom shaped aluminum constructed signs. This is a great advantage for modern sign companies. What was a tedious and manual chore of laying out patterns on aluminum and then jig saw cutting to get your custom shape, is now simply a matter of sending them to the CNC router to be cut.

    By the way, lots of sign makers spend their money on the machine, but then don’t invest in the tools. What tools would you recommend as essentials?
    Only buy solid carbide or carbide tipped tools. Due to the coolant system found on most CNC's, high speed steel tools generally will not last as long as carbide. The proper size collet for the shank of the tool is a greatly overlooked consideration. The collet size should match the shank size of the tool. Sleeving is OK, but rigidity is lost when this is done and, depending upon the material being routed, this could be a finish and quality concern.

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