Best Guides Helping You To Choose Right CNC Router Machine
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    Best Guides Helping You To Choose Right CNC Router Machine

    Best Guides Helping You To Choose Right CNC Router Machine

    CNC router machine, as per different application, there are different types CNC router. As per different needs, so we should choose a suitable configuration machine to meet to it. How to choose a right cnc router machine? This guide will help you.
    Spindle Power
    For the CNC router spindle, there are many kinds of power. 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.0kw, 4.5kw, 6kw , 7.5kw/ 9kw, 11kw, 12kw, 13.5 kw, etc. How to choose the suitable spindle power for the CNC router? Is that the bigger, the better? NO! Engraving machine spindle motor power should be chosen according to the carved objects. Here are the introductions.

    Engraving object relatively soft material, so advertising engraving machine spindle power 1.5kw-3.0kw is enough. The choice not only can achieve the purpose engraving, but also can save costs.
    Wood engraving machine spindle motor can be processed according to the hardness of the wood to choose their power: 2.2kw-6kw in general about this match is also the most reasonable.
    Manufacturers use stone engraving machine spindle power is relatively bigger, generally around 4.5kw-7.5kw. 4.5kw spindle motor is most commonly used. Tombstone engraving machine spindle power should be based on the hardness of the processing stone. The general power is 4.5kw-6kw that is able to meet customer needs.
    Jade carving machine general spindle motor power is 1.5kw-3.0kw. Spindle power too big is not only waste of electricity, but also will increase the cost of the customer. And if the power is too small and can not meet its carving power demand, so the choice suits own spindle motor power for customers is very important!
    5, Foam mould making machine:
    Foam mould usually very big with deep cutting, so need big and long cutter bits. Considering big cutters need big collet, usually ER32, ER40,BT40 collets. So usually choose 9kw or 13.5kw spindle or BT ATC spindle.

    Transmission is the transmission principle of CNC machines which works when the three-axis in motion, there are ball screw and rack gear two types. In generally, the rack gear with much faster speed and ball screw with much higher precision.
    Rack driver are divided into spur and helical teeth.
    Track Type
    Square orbit and a circular orbit
    Any models can adopt orbit with any type, compared to circular orbit, square orbit with a higher price, but run more smoothly, low noise, high accuracy, longer service.
    Drive Type 
    There are two kinds of CNC products driven ways, one is the stepper motor and stepper driver; another is a servo motor and servo driver
    Machines can be used in high-end servo, generally machines are using stepper.
    Servo advantages: fast speed, higher control precision, greater
    Control Systems
    Control system is also called controller, we now commonly used NCSTUDIO, DSP handle, Taiwan Syntec, USA MACH3 control systems.

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