CNC Router Machining Procedures, Mainly 3 Stages
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    CNC Router Machining Procedures, Mainly 3 Stages

    CNC Router Machining Procedure
    A CNC machine is a multi-tooled lathe and milling machine rolled into one. CAD (Computer-Aided Design or drafting) is used to design parts quickly and precisely. CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) is used to fabricate products directly from CAD outputs. Basically, a job-specific program originating from a print or design is loaded onto the machine, the material is inserted appropriately, and the machine follows the program to manufacture the part. The CNC machine automatically switches heads, drills, mills, turns, and cuts unattended. The CNC router machine may be used to fabricate low-volume or high-volume production parts.
    Most machining progresses through three stages, each of which is implemented by a variety of basic and sophisticated strategies, depending on the material and the software. The stages are:

    This process begins with raw stock, known as billet, and cuts it very roughly to shape of the final model. In milling, the result often gives the appearance of terraces, because the strategy has taken advantage of the ability to cut the model horizontally. Common strategies are zig-zag clearing, offset clearing, plunge roughing, rest-roughing.

    This process begins with a roughed part that unevenly approximates the model and cuts to within a fixed offset distance from the model. The semi-finishing pass must leave a small amount of material so the tool can cut accurately while finishing, but not so little that the tool and material deflect instead of shearing. Common strategies are raster passes, waterline passes, constant step-over passes and pencil milling.

    Finishing involves a slow pass across the material in very fine steps to produce the finished part. In finishing, the step between one pass and another is minimal. Feed rates are low and spindle speeds are raised to produce an accurate surface.

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