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    All about WaterJet Cutting CNC Machine

    Waterjet Cutting Services (Compute - Then Cut)
    A waterjet is an industrial machine that uses highly-pressurized water to cut a variety of hard and soft materials. In a waterjet machine, the material to be cut is mounted on a cutting bed directly beneath a tiny nozzle. Water is forced through the nozzle at a pressure of 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi). At this pressure, the water can cut a variety of soft materials such as paper, wood, rubber, cloth or carpet, and foam.
    When small garnet particles are added to the pressurized water stream, the machine becomes an "abrasive waterjet." It can then cut much harder industrial materials such as metals, stone, composites, and glass. The nozzle is robotic-controlled, which gives the waterjet an extremely-high degree of cutting accuracy.

    Waterjet - Typical Waterjet Applications
    Materials Suited For Waterjet Machining
    Our dual capabilities of wire edm and waterjet allow us to offer broad capabilities and types of materials we can machine. Below are listed the more common types of materials we machine using our abrasive waterjet: Aluminum, Ceramics, Composites, Copper, Exotic Alloys, Glass, Hardened Tool Steel, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, Stone, Titanium, Wood.

    Waterjet Advantages (Cuts Right the First Time! No Heat Effected Zones!)

    We can cut virtually any material and cut it right every time!
    The WJ1020 waterjet cuts nearly any type of material from metals and marble to glass and plastics. It can even cut the hardest materials, such as Titanium and bulletproof glass.
    The waterjet makes intricate, finely-detailed cuts to amazing tolerances and accuracy (+/- .001").
    Waterjets can actually eliminate tapers on new or previously-cut materials.
    The waterjet is computer- and robotics-controlled, and can cut duplicate parts that are virtually identical.
    Our waterjet has X 1000-2000mm, Y 2000-6000mm effective cutting bed. Also, we can cut materials ranging from 0.2mm up to 100mm thickness.

    Maximum material yield with minimal waste.
    Waterjets cut material cleanly, with ZERO burrs or heat-affected zones.
    Waterjet cutting eliminates the danger of producing harmful vapors when cutting synthetics or heat-sensitive materials.
    Waterjet cutting of pre-hardened materials eliminates the need for secondary machining, heat treating, and stress-relieving operations.
    Complex, nested parts can be cut in minutes with precision and speeds not attainable with other CNC machining systems.
    Waterjets require no expensive tooling.

    A cost-effective, quick-turnaround cutting solution.
    The superior quality of waterjet cutting makes it more cost-effective than other types of industrial cutting.
    No expensive tooling of the waterjet or cleanup of the materials after cutting is required.
    The waterjet requires minimal setup for cutting jobs, and produces a quick turnaround on cutting orders.
    The waterjet is ideal for prototypes or limited runs of production parts.

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