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How to Choose High-Quality Rotary Joint- Top 5 five brands of rotary joints

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How to Choose High-Quality Rotary Joint- Top 5 five brands of rotary joints

A rotary joint, also known as a rotary union, is a device that seals and connects rotating equipment to fixed piping, allowing the transfer of various media such as steam, hot oil, coolant, water, hydraulic oil, and air.

To prevent media leakage, the choice of sealing technology depends on factors like process speed, pressure, temperature, and the type of media being transferred.

As technology advances and machinery becomes more widespread across industries, the need for rotary joints in machines with rotating operations becomes crucial.

However, selecting the right rotary joint can be confusing due to the variety of brands and quality available. Here's how to choose a high-quality rotary joint:

1. Consider Brand Reputation: Opt for a well-known brand with a strong reputation in the market. This helps mitigate unexpected risks and ensures product quality and performance.

2. Prioritize Product Quality: The core factor in choosing a rotary joint is its quality. Select a product with stable quality, dependable performance, and durability. This not only saves on maintenance and replacement costs but also enhances efficiency and stability.

3. Evaluate After-Sales Service: Look for a manufacturer that offers comprehensive after-sales service, including timely technical support and maintenance services. This ensures users have effective support and protection during product usage.

In summary, when choosing a rotary joint, focus on brand reputation, product quality, and after-sales service to ensure you select a high-quality and reliable product.

In the market today, RicoCNC highly recommend the following Top 5 five brands of rotary joints for CNC machine spindle, both brand reputation, quality and after-sales:

1, RIX Rocky Joint





Rix joint.jpg

1, RIX Rocky Joint

RIX has a century of history since it was founded in 1907. RIX created the "ROCKY" brand, which includes industry-standard rotary joints, known under the trade name ROCKY JOINT. No.1 market share in Japan for machine tools.


RicoCNC can supply various ROCKY JOINTS: ESX20M-7566YSUS, ESX20M-7566 , ESX20J-NO12, L84J,LA95, LA96, LX84M-234, LX84V-234, LX84V-244, LX84M-244, LX86M-23, LX86M-244, LX86V-244, L91M-234, L92M-234, L92M-244, L95M-234, L95M-224, L96M-234, L96M-244, EES-2P01, LA-1P01, LA-1P02, ES50-1600, ES50-2000, ESX20-NO12, ESX20-NO16, ESX20M-TO10, ES20M-TO10, EES-2P01, ESX20-8834, ESX10-8678, L60, LX88M-9801, ESX20M-TO10, ES20M-TO10, ESX20V-LO12, ESX20V-LO16, ESX20M-SO12, ESX20M-SO16, ESX20M-EO12, ESX20M-E016, ESX20M-LO16, ESX20M-NO16, ESX20M-NO12, ESX20M-7566YSUS, ESX20M-7566, ESX20-6304 etc.

Deublin rotary joints.jpg

2, DEUBLIN Rotary Joints

In 1945, Luke Deubler and Dick Linn founded the company that would revolutionize the way rotating equipment operates and performs. Combining their last names, they called the new venture Deublin Company. Its first offering would be an innovative rotating union design that incorporated balanced mechanical seals.

Deublin rotary unions and rotary joint assembly like electrical slip rings are used by all kinds of industrial machinery and manufacturing processes. Rotary joint deublin applications:

Rotary Unions for Air, Rotary Unions for Coolant, Rotary Unions for Hydraulic Oil, Rotary Unions for Steam, rotary joint for steam, Rotary Unions for Thermal Oil,

Rotary Unions for Water, Rotary Unions for Multiple Media (To Handle Various Combinations of Liquids and Gases)

Rico can supply various series Deublin rotary joints such as:
55-000-001, 55-147-151, 57-000-001, 57-050-001, 55-000-002, 55-147-152, 57-000-002, 57-050-002, 55-000-003, 55-147-149, 57-000-003, 57-050-003, 55-000-004, 55-147-150, 57-000-004, 57-050-004, 55-000-094, 55-147-192, 57-000-094, 57-050-094, 55-000-095, 55-147-193, 57-000-095, 57-050-095
155-000-001, 155-208-113, 157-000-001, 157-050-001, 155-000-002, 155-208-114, 157-000-002, 157-050-002, 155-000-021, 155-208-185, 157-000-021, 157-050-021, 155-000-022, 155-208-229, 157-000-022, 157-050-022, 155-000-151, 155-208-252, 157-000-151, 157-050-151, 155-000-152, 155-208-253, 157-000-152, 157-050-152, etc.

ROTOFLUX rotary unions.jpg

3, ROTOFLUX Rotary Joints

Rotoflux was founded more than 20 years ago to design, develop and produce rotary joints for a wide variety of applications, offering superior quality at reasonable prices and providing excellent customer service, making Rotoflux one of the market leaders in the rotary joint industry in a short period.

ROTOFLUX products are widely used in paper, chemical, metallurgical, steel, printing, rubber, pharmaceutical, food and machinery industries, etc. Rotoflux couplings are made of high-quality materials (stainless steel, brass, tungsten carbide) and each coupling has passed strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the consistent quality of Rotoflux products.

Here are some of the rotary joint codes RICO can provide:

A10-1771-05L, S08-1300-01R, S08-1300-02L, S10-1300-01R, S10-1300-02L, S10-1300-04R, S10-1300-05L, S10-1300-03F, S15-1300-01R S15-1300-02L, S15-1300-04R, S15-1300-05L, S15-1300-03F, S20-1300-01R S20-1300-02L,, S20-1300-04R, S20-1300-07R, S20-1300-03F, S25-1300-01R S25-1300-02L, S25-1300-03F, S32-1300-01R, S32-1300-02L, S32-1300-03F, S40-1300-01R, S40-1300-02L, S40-1300-03F, S50-1300-01R, S50-1300-02L, S50-1300-03F, S65-1300-01R, S65-1300-02L, S65-1300-03F, S80-1300-01R, S80-1300-02L, S80-1300-03F,  S08-1301-01R, S08-1301-02L, S10-1301-01R, S10-1301-02L, S10-1301-03F, S15-1301-01R, S15-1301-02L, S15-1301-03F, S20-1301-01R, S20-1301-02L, S20-1301-03F, S25-1301-01R S25-1301-02L, S25-1301-03F, S32-1301-01R, S32-1301-02L, S32-1301-03F, S40-1301-01R, S40-1301-02L, S40-1301-03F, S50-1301-01R, S50-1301-02L, S50-1301-03F, S08-1400-01R, S08-1400-02L, S10-1400-01R, S10-1400-02L, S10-1400-03F, S15-1400-01R, S15-1400-02L, S15-1400-03F, S20-1400-01R, S20-1400-02L, S20-1400-03F, S25-1400-01R, S25-1400-02L, S25-1400-03F, S32-1400-01R, S32-1400-02L, S32-1400-03F, S40-1400-01R, S40-1400-02L, S40-1400-03F, S50-1400-01R, S50-1400-02L, S50-1400-03F, S10-1400-01R-800, S10-1400-02L-800, S10-1400-03F-800, S15-1400-01R-800, S15-1400-02L-800, S15-1400-03F-800, S20-1400-01R-800, S20-1400-02L-800, S20-1400-03F-800, S25-1400-01R-800, S25-1400-02L-800, S25-1400-03F-800, S32-1400-01R-800, S32-1400-02L-800, S32-1400-03F-800, S40-1400-01R-800, S40-1400-02L-800, S40-1400-03F-800, S50-1400-01R-800, S50-1400-02L-800, S50-1400-03F-800, S10-1400-01R-810, S10-1400-02L-810, S10-1400-03F-810, S15-1400-01R-810, S15-1400-02L-810, S15-1400-03F-810, S20-1400-01R-810, S20-1400-02L-810, S20-1400-03F-810, S08-1300T, S10-1300T, S15-1300T, S20-1300T, S25-1300T, S32-1300T, S40-1300T, S50-1300T, S08-1301T, S10-1301T, S15-1301T, S20-1301T, S25-1301T, S32-1301T, S40-1301T, S50-1301T, A10-1772-04R, A10-1772-05L, B08-1651-01E, S25-1300-51R-850, A08-1501-XXL, T10-1302-10R, A10-1771-05L, B10-1717-05L, etc.

OTT-JAKOB Rotary Joints.jpg

4, OTT-JAKOB Rotary Joints

OTT-JAKOB was founded in 1873 in Kemp's Knee, Germany, and became part of the JAKOB Group in 1993. As a manufacturer of complete tool-holding systems, it is also active in the development and integration of intelligent monitoring systems, which will have a lasting impact on the next generation of automatic tool-holding systems. In this way, Ott-Jakob can ensure that its high-quality products will also support its customers in the future in the continued improvement of their company's success.

OTT-JAKOB product range: rotary joints, tool release devices, spindle pullers, drawbars, jaws, grippers, force gauges, couplings, etc.

OTT-JAKOB single channel rotary joints, OTT-JAKOB single channel GD/GDP rotary joints. Based on the standard types, the OTT-JAKOB product range also includes special versions of rotary joints designed for the special requirements of milling and drilling processes, e.g. for higher flow rates for higher speeds for space constraints With integrated leakage sensors, pneumatic rotary joint, etc

RicoCNC supply OTT-JAKOB rotary joints type:






1K-SDR A-B95.




SMARTC joints.jpg

5, SMARTC Rotary Joints

SM brand is a Taiwan brand which commonly used in the market. RicoCNC can supply below models:

AU2000 rotary joints:

AU2000-M10xP1.0, AU2000-M12xP1 .25LH, AU2000-M16xP1.5LH

GU2000v swivel joint:

GU2000v-M10xP1.0, GU2000v-M12xP1 .25LH, GU2000v-M16xP1.5LH, GU2000v-S

EU2000 rotary joints:


There are also other brands rotary joints: Kadant Johnson rotary joint, Spinner rotary joint, SMC rotary joint, LUX rotary joint...

RicoCNC can provide customers with various brands of rotary joints and have strong after-sales service to solve problems and create value for our customers.

We are waiting for you.

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