How to maintain the cnc engraving machine? CNC machine maintenance advice
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    How to Maintain the CNC Engraving Machine? CNC Machine Maintenance Advice

    CNC engraving machine is a very good helpful tool. Because of cnc control, it is very functional. It is easy to maintain the machine, but if not have the sense to maintenance, it is very harmful to the machine. CNC router machine produce much dust during its working process, especiall wood working cnc routers. If people thought it is very troublesome to clean the machine every day and do not clean up, just let the machine filled with dust, this will seriously affect the performance and precision of machine. A dust collector is great help, but sometime still can not make it very clean. How to upkeep your cnc machine? Now we RICO CNC Machinery give you some suggestion about how to maintain your woodworking engraving machine:
    First, maintenance of cnc router machine computer:
    Abnormalities can also cause a lot of computer problems, especially the computer connected to the machine, therefore the computer should be regularly inspected, cleaning viruses and releasing cyber space.
    1, regularly killing computer virus, but note that antivirus should not be open during machine works, otherwise it will cause interference.
    2, regularly cleaning dust on computer case, pay attention to computer case heat dissipation, but not over cleaning, so that cause card error.
    3, regularly defrag the hard disk, optimizing computer systems.

    Second, inspection and cleaning cnc engraving machine mechanical parts: 
    1, regularly clean the control cabinet, make sure the exhaust fan can take away the heat well.
    2, regularly clean the screw, to prevent dust stuck on the screw, screw is important to the whole machine because it determines the accuracy of the machine, and screw in the transmission process also plays an important role.
    3, After the cnc machine finish working, the table surface should be cleaned, which is convenient for the next time work.
    4, Clean the debris on guide rail, it is good to the guide block and in case that cause machine to get stuck.
    5, Had better keep the machine continuous running within 10 hours per time, for the cnc router with water cooling spindle, we have to keep the water clean and regular replace the cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high. And we have to check the water pump works well, and the water tank not lack of water. In Winter, if the temperature is too low, we have add antifreeze into water tank.
    6, Regular (weekly), for the transmission system (x, y, z axis) we should inject lubricating oil
    7, Electrical maintenance, we must cut off the power supply, after the monitor has no display and the main circuit power indicator light is power off, then we can proceed.