Canton Fair 2015 (The 117th China Import and Export Fair)
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    CNC Router Canton Fair 2015 (The 117th China Import and Export Fair)

    Canton Fair 2015 The 117th China Import and Export Fair

    Canton Fair 2015 (The 117th China Import and Export Fair) is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou. It is the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. 
    Phase 1: 15th-19th April 2015 9:30-18:00 
    Phase 2: 23rd-27th April 2015 9:30-18:00
    Phase 3: 1st May-5th May 2015 9:30-18:00

    Canton fair 2015 Spring China Import and Export Fair Phase 1


    Small Machinery: 
    Instruments: Electronic Instruments, Electric Instruments, Microscopes, Surveying & Mapping Instruments, Observation Instruments, Physical Optical Instruments, Other Optical Instruments, Material Testing Machines, Geological Exploration Equipment and Instruments, Thermodynamic Instruments, Automation Instruments, Construction Test Instruments, Hydrological Instruments & Civil Engineering Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Special Instruments, Other Physical & Chemical Instruments 
    Camera Instruments: Cinematographic Instruments, Photographic Instruments, Other Photomechanical & Cinematographic Instruments 
    Printing Apparatus 
    Processing Machinery & Accessories: Machine Tool Accessories, Bench Drills, Grinders, Grinding Materials, Diamond & Diamond Products, Other Small Machinery 
    Household Sewing Machines & Spare Parts, Weaving Supplies 
    General Machinery 
    Transport Equipment: Ship Equipment and Spare Parts, Underwater Special Equipment, Aeronautic Equipment and Spare Parts, Railway Vehicles and Related Equipment 
    Electric Equipment: Power Generators, Transmission facilities, Generating Sets, Electric Welding Machines, Synchronous Condensers, Semi-automatic Gas Cutting Machines, Electric Furnaces, Transmission Line Hardware, Electrical Carbon Products, Wires, Cables, Electric Porcelain, Insulating Materials, Electrical Appliances, Batteries, and etc. 
    Mechanical Fundamental Parts: Bearings, Hard Body, Chains, Spring, General Valves, Casting Products, Forging Products, Moulds, Gears, Powder Metallurgy, Pneumatic Components, Seal Components, Hydraulic Components and Parts, other Spare Parts.

    Large Machinery & Equipment:
    Large Machinery: Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Large Woodworking Machinery, Textile Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machines, Plastics Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Tobacco Machinery, Printing Machinery, Food Processing Machinery, Rubber Processing Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Forging Machinery, Foundry Machinery, cnc machinery
    Complete Sets of Equipment: Production Lines of Various Light Industry Products

    About 180000 foreign clients come from more than 240 countries come to the Canton Fair, hope the global economy is getting better and better and a lot of orders comes.