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what is plywood and what cnc router bits are used to cut plywood?

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What is plywood and what CNC router bits are used to cut plywood?

Plywood is the most popular and versatile man-made woodworking material in furniture manufacturing today. Plywood is a laminated product made up of many strips of wood laid in alternating directions and boned with glue into strong and stable sheets. 

Because of construction method, plywood is not easy to expand and shrink. By gluing many thin strips of wood in alternating directions layer by layer, plywood is much less likely to expand or shrink based on moisture in the environment, and the alternating construction creates a board that is much stronger in each direction than a similarly sized board cut from a single tree.

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Most plywood is made from an odd number of layers, called plies (typically 3, 5 or7), with an equal number of plies on each side of the center ply. In this matter, the surface plies are always parallel, and the grain of the surface plies usually follows the longest side of the sheet (although not always). The sheet is strongest parallel with (as opposed to against) the two surface plies.

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In most applications, one side of the plywood is more likely to seen than the other side. As such, plywood is usually sold with one better side, called the face, and one side that isn’t clean or smooth, called the back. Plywood with two faces is available or projects where both sides of the sheet will visible.

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Woodworking CNC processing machine often use cnc router bits to cut plywood, such as CNC compression spiral router bitsTCT straight router bitsPCD dimamond router bitsstraight carbide tipped router bits, spiral router bits and so on. These router bits play a very important role in furniture making, crafts, decoration, etc. Different types wood router bits have different use. 

If you want to know more about CNC cutter bits for plywood cutting, welcome to contact us. Our RICOCNC team strives to offer quality CNC parts and customer solutions. We are at your service.

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