Vacuum suction table or T slot clamp table
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    Vacuum Suction Table or T Slot Clamp Table, Which One is Better?

    As cnc router table clamping methods usually have two kinds, vacuum clamping and T slot clamping. For the clients who is the first time to use cnc router machine, how to choose it? Which one is better?

    Here we would like to introduce the difference between vacuum table and clamp table:
    One side, vacuum suction table is connected with the vacuum pump through the vacuum pipe under the woodworking cnc router machine table. Usually have 4-8 vacuum holes, so the vacuum table cnc machines have 4-8 vacuum suction areas. Lay a thin wood panel on the table to protect the vacuum table. When we put wood on it, the vacuum pump creates a negative pressure firmly adsorbed the wood panel on the table, the engraver spindle started working at this time, the entire loading and unloading process does not exceed more than 10 seconds, high efficiency and speed. It is very great for loading and unloading workpieces, very suitable for wooden doors, carved furniture manufacturing lines. 
    Vacuum table worked with vacuum pump, vacuum pump needs 3 phase power. If the client does not have 3 phase electricity in his workshop, he cannot use vacuum table. Also vacuum pump normally is 5.5kw, a little waster of electricity power.

    Another side, T slot clamp table fixed the workpiece manually by the screws and T slot clamps. Clamp table is combined by T slot Aluminium and lay a hard PVC layer on it to protect the clamp table.
    If the material an irregularly shaped, vacuum table is not easy to fix. And for embossing, hollowing, relief carving, T slot clamp table is more suitable. For relief carving, though fix the workpiece by clamps needs a few minutes, but compared to long carving time, it is none. If open the vacuum pump suction for sculpturing, oh, very waste of electricity and improve the cost.
    Clamps fixture table woodworking engraving machine suitable for embossing crafts, hollow partitions, screens and other home decor, advertising industry, such as PVC, acrylic, color board cutting engraving.

    By the way, if you want vacuum pump also need clamp table, you can use our vacuum clamp table cnc router. Vacuum table combined with 7 pieces T slot aluminium slots for clamping. Very humanistic and convenient to use.
    Also if you need to cut Small Parts and Letters, or workpiece with a lot of holes, or Thin & Flexible Materials, you can fixed a cnc pressure foot on the spindle, it is a great helpful tool.

    In our opinion, the best machine is the suitable machine, which table to choose depends on what kind of job to do. The one meets to your needs is the best.
    If anything we can help with CNC Routers and CNC spare parts, welcome to contact us, we will do our best to support.