Difference between air cooled spindle and water cooled spindle
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    The Main Difference Between Air Cooled Spindle and Water Cooled Spindle

    For CNC Routers, spindles are the key parts. There are basically two kinds of spindle on the market. One kind is water cooling spindle and the other is air cooling spindle. So, what are the differences between these two kinds of spindles?

    The main difference between air cooled spindle and water cooled spindle is as fellow:
    1, the max spindle rotating speed: air cooled spindle is 18000r/min, but water cooled spindle is 24000r/min. the higher rotating speed, the surface of the workpiece will be more smooth at the same short time.
    2, the continuing working time: air cooled spindle is cooled by air, when the spindle keep working for a long time, the performance of heat dissipation will be not very good. So the air cooled spindle just can keep working for 6-8 hours, then it have to have a rest for some time, then continue to work. But water cooled spindle is cooled by water, if you keep the water in the water tank cooling, the machine can work a whole day.
    3, a quiet working environment: air cooled spindle is cooled by the fan, the high rotating speed same as the fan, it makes bigger noise than water spindle.
    4, convenience to use: because of the air cooled spindle have no water tank and water pump, it is convenient to use.
    5, the price: because of different cooled system, the heathardiness of the parts in the spindle will be different, so the price is different. Generally speaking, air cooled spindle cost much more.
    6, working environment: water cooling spindle can not be used in the places where there is little water or very cold. If the weather is very cold and freezing, it is harmful to the water cooled spindle. Compared with water cooling spindle, air cooling spindle is more convenient, and less limitations of the environment.

    The water cooling spindle adopts water cycle to cooling the spindle, so the cooling effect is very good. There is nearly no noise and high long life. Also there is a little troublesome because it need install the water pump. For the air cooling spindle, no need water pump, so it is very convenient. But the noise is larger than the water cooling spindle and price is higher.
    For air cooled spindle and water cooled spindle, each has its advantage and disadvantage.
    In my opinion, the best machine is the suitable machine. If you keep the machine working long time, you must choose a water cooled spindle. Some low temperature countries we recommend Italy HSD air cooling spindle.

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