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Wire Cut EDM Filter Internal and External Pressure
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Wire Cut EDM Filter Internal and External Pressure
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EDM Water Filter (IN-EX)

Product Description:

Wire Cut EDM Filter Internal and External Pressure

Wire Cut EDM Filter Internal and External Pressure

Genually, EDM filter systems have 3 types: Internal Pressure, External Pressure, Internal and External.
Our edm filters are designed for the EDM wire cut machine of Agie-Charmilles, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Sodick, Makino, Japax, Hitachi, Seibu, Ona, Actspark, Brother, Joemars, Ingersoll, Chmer, Excetek, Accutex, ARD, Taiwan EDM etc.

Water Filter (IN-EX) Features:
Filter Material: Japan imported special filter paper
Glue: Japan imported special glue
Pressure Type: Internal and External
Nipple: Have
Filtration precision: ≤5 micron
Collapse Strength: 296kpa (3.0kgf/cm2)
Filtration Area: ≥ 13.5 square meter
Lifetime: ≥ 400h
Maximum Working Pressure: 198kpa (2.0kgf/cm2)

Benefits from the following advantage by means of highly efficient filtration EDM filter:
• Higher cutting speeds
• Faster wire cutting to the final dimension
• Reduction of secondary operation
• High quality surface finish
• Good reproducible workpiece accuracy
• Stable conductance of the dieelectric fluid
• Reduced consumption of hte ionisation resin
• Reduced machine wera.
• Reduced maintenance costs.

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