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Luxury Mini 3D CNC Router Kit for Hobby Use RA3040
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Luxury Mini 3D CNC Router Kit for Hobby Use RA3040
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mini hobby cnc router
Luxury Mini 3D CNC Router Kit for Hobby Use
Model: RA3040

This mini cnc router with a whole cover to protect the operater, also keep the working environment quiet and clean. It is a smart cnc kit for hobby use. Though the small size, you can also achieve the result with the right approach in your toolpaths, spindle and accessories. It is easy to use and can provide guide through numerous operations such as text engraving, cutting MDF for beginner, of course, it also will be a good choice for hobby fans to make some PCB sample, machine parts, artcraft, etc.

Mini CNC Router Standard Feature:
X, Y, Z Guide: Rolling ball screw
X, Y, Z Work Area: 300x400 x 55 (mm)
Drive type: Stepper motor
Spindle: 800W high speed (air cooling or water cooling according to the request)
Max Speed: 4000 mm/ min
Resolution : 鈮 0.0 5 mm
Repeatability : 鈮 0.0 5 mm
Interface: DSP Handle
Command code: HPGL, G-code
Spindle tools: 褎 3.175, 褎 6
Power: AC220V ± 10% / 50~60Hz
Net weight: 48kg (including controller box)
Warranty: 12 Months (6 months for Spindle)

Mini CNC Kits Standard Accessories:
(01) User Manual (CD in English Version)
(02) DSP Handle
(03) Communication cable
(04) Water Pump and Water tank (for water cooling spindle)
(05) Power cable
(06) Clamp: 4 sets
(07) Wrench: 2 pieces
(08) Bit: 8 pieces (6 pieces Flat bottom bits, 2 pieces Two spiral flute bits,)
(09) Other tools