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Bent Wood Chair Back Engraving Cutting CNC Router Machine 1330C2W2
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Bent Wood Chair Back Engraving Cutting CNC Router Machine 1330C2W2
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Product Description:

Bent Wood Chair Back Engraving Cutting CNC Router Machine

Bent Wood Chair Back Engraving Cutting CNC Router Machine
Model: 1330C2W2

This CNC equipment is a vacuum table two spindle auto tool change cnc router, also equipped with 2 rotable work stations for bent wood chair engraving and cutting. It is functional cnc router for normal flat working and bentwood chair making.

Bent Wood Chair Back Engraving CNC Router Features:
1. Cast steel structure makes our routers more stable.
2. Excellent part: imported linear rails, import Taiwan ball screw, high speed air-cooling spindle, high precision bearing which has low noise and long life.
3. Modularize frame design: select a variety of machining spindle configuration that can carve, hollow cut and mill.
4. Reasonable designs: advanced rack and pinion drive in Y axi with larger speed and strength.
5. Easy operation: advanced file pre-processing functions to ensure speed and accuracy of operation.
6. Taiwan strong vacuum holding device that up to 312 cubic meters per hour.
7. Compatible software: open softwares prots, compatible with processing codes created by many CAD/CAM sofewares including Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai to pave the way for designs.
8. Perfect lubrication system makes maintenance much easier and gives the machine a long life.
Bent Wood Chair Making CNC Router Parameters:



Working area


Working Table

Vacuum table 

Rotating Speed


Working Mode


Drive Mechanism

Ball screw transmission

Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.0254mm

Max Motion Speed


Max Engraving Speed


Engraving Tools

Ø3.175mm, Ø6mm,Ø12.7mm

Dictate Formate

G code,*u00,*mmg,*plt



Flash Memory


Operating Voltage

AC220/380V 50/60HZ

Control System

DSP controller 

Support Software

UCanCAM /Type3/ArtCAM 

Bentwood Chair Making Cnc Router Machine Applications:
Bent plywood chair cutting cnc mainly used for woodworking industry, bent wood chairs cutting, furniture making, door, cabinets, kitchen utensils, chairs, decoration business, mould industry, wood panel,wave board processing,  MDF sheet carving, screen, calligraphy tablet design , relief, wood furniture, computer tables, panel furniture, office furniture,instrument industry, and so on.