Laser Engraving Machine Applications
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    CNC Laser Engraving Machine Applications

    Laser Engraving Machine Applications

    Laser engraving machine is widely used in all kinds of lines and fields. Different designs have been used in production to meet different line’s requirements. We believe that the type of machine you’ve chosen will surely be of great help to your work. The following introductions might provide you information for enlarging the field of usage and to use laser machine well.

    1. Leather Clothing Industry: genuine and synthetic leather cutting, surface pattern engraving of different kinds of shoes and leather clothing, pattern engraving of all kinds of clothing and textile, etc.

    2. Model Producing Industry: building laser engraving (cutting); aviation and navigation models laser engraving (cutting), carton figures and industrial model laser engraving (cutting), etc.

    3. Artwork and Gift Industry: bamboo slip laser engraving, wooden book laser carving, redwood laser engraving, double-colored board laser engraving, box-shaped artwork laser engraving, chessboard laser engraving, etc.

    4. Printing and Packaging Industry: rubber plate laser engraving, paper product laser cutting, etc.

    5. Advertising Industry: organic glass laser engraving (cutting), tablets laser carving, double-colored plate laser carving, etc.

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