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CNC Wood Router CAM Programming Wentai ArtCut Ucancam Original Software
Product Name:
CNC Wood Router CAM Programming Wentai ArtCut Ucancam Original Software
Number :
Ucancam V9, Artcut Artgrave, Wentai

Product Description:

CNC Wood Router CAM Programming Wentai ArtCut Ucancam Original Software
Ucancam V9 Engraving Software & Artcut Artgrave software.

These CNC router original softwares are professional solutions to CAD and CAM for cnc machines use. They are widely used in such fields as advertisements, exhibition, decoration, artwork, moulds, seal-making, signs making, cabinets making, nesting, gifts, architectural moulds, wood working, furniture, interior design, joinery etc.

CNC Router CAM Software Features:
1, Compatible with CAD programs, so that files popular vector formats: DXF, EPS, PLT, AI and raster JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG can be imported into Ucancam or Artcut.
2, Toolpaths are calculated quickly and accurately. Provides a library of tools, where users can select, edit, add or remove tools. 
3, Users can use the simulation processing to virtually determine the outcome of future treatment (without destroying the material). 
4, Process design for standard G-codes, for any engraving machine, CNC machine use.

Original CNC Router Programming Software Functions:

3D Corner Engraving
3D Corner Engraving is to make the surface of the material smooth and to ensure the definition, precision and 3d effect of the machined object. It is mainly used in seal engraving and engraving of characters with special effects. 3D Corner Engraving includes top and bottom engraving, and the difference between them is the size of the machining area.

Midline Machining
Midline machining is to machine along the middle axis of the drawing.

You can Drilling on points, on curves, on the center of object or in region.
Insert and Inlay
This is a special function of engraving. It is an important measure to make sign marks and craftworks.
Intelligent machining        
Efficiency in milling can be greatly improved when applying Intelligent Machining. Two different tools can be chosen from the toolpath, the tool with lager diameter will be used for rough machining, and the smaller one will be used for precision machining. In the first machining, the speed is greatly improved, and after the second process, you will get what you want.
Prism machining
By prism machining, it becomes easier for you to make characters with prism effect, and sign mark. Toolpaths can be created quickly and efficiently. If you want to make a massive work, it can be machined layer by layer, and you can fit them together when finished. There are two kinds of angles for you to choose, rounded angle and cusp angle. The prism will display clearly. Prism machining is quick to learn and easy to use.
Embossing machining
Embossing machining is mainly used in making relief. There are two modes in embossing: concave relief machining and convex relief machining. With ease operation, you will get accurate relief. It is widely used in such fields as advertising sign, sign board, breast card, furniture, metallic moulds, printings, etc.
Image dot machining 
Image dot machining is to engrave the object after the image is converted into grayscale image. Dots are made on the material based on the different grayscale value. The higher the grayscale value is, the deeper and bigger the dots are, and vice versa.
Image relief machining
Image relief machining is to engrave the object after the image is converted into grayscale image. The machining is based on brightness level. Min brightness depth and max brightness depth are the depth by which the tool goes into the material. Horizontal/vertical machining is the direction of the tool path.
Toolpath artistic transform
Perspective Distortion and Envelop Distortion can support the toolpath transform. especially can be applyed to the waveboard toolpath.
This is used to drive a machine using rotary axis, do cylinder engraving.
Toolpath simulation
Machining process can be previewed through toolpath simulation, thus avoiding trial cutting and reducing cost. This function is helpful for choosing a proper machining type.
CNC CAM Software Post Processor
The Post Processor is a programme which converts the tool path in some standard neutral format into the format requried by a specific machine control system. Such as Biesse, CAMtech, Fanuc, Homag, MasterWood, Microstep, NcStudio, RichAuto, SYNTEC, SCM, etc.

Ucancam V10 Original cnc router CAM software