BT 30 BT40 Precision ER Tool Holders for CNC
BT 30 BT40 Precision ER Tool Holders for CNC Machines
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BT 30 BT40 Precision ER Tool Holders for CNC Machines
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BT ER Collet Chuck Tool Holders

Product Description:

BT30 BT 40 cnc toolholders

BT 30 BT40 Precision ER Tool Holders for CNC Machines
BT30-ER32 Tool Holders, BT40 ER Toolholders

Like CAT Tooling, BT Tooling comes in a range of sizes designated as BT 30, BT 40, BT 50, etc. and uses the same NMTB body taper as CAT 40. BT tooling is symmetrical about the spindle axis, which CAT tooling is not. This gives BT tooling greater stability and balance at high speeds. BT Tool Holders will accept both Imperial and metric sized tools. BT Tooling looks very similar and can easily be confused with CAT tooling. The difference between CAT and BT is the flange style, thickness, and the thread for the pull stud is a different size. BT Tool Holders use Metric thread pull studs (retention knobs).

BT 30 Tapping Tool Holders Features:
Balanced to 25,000 RPM @ G2.5
Inspection report included for accuracy and balance
Includes Collet Nut
Includes Retention Knobs for CNC Routers (Retention knobs make the important connection between the spindle and the tool holder)
Tool holder forks: BT30 BT40
BT-30 tapper tool holder for your vertical machining center, cnc milling machine, cnc routers.
Spring ER Collet Chuck CNC Milling Toolholder Clamping End Mills

BT Tool Holders:
Taper BT30, Collet size: ER32, Length: 60mm
ISO standard size with good quality.
Collet Chuck accepts all ER32 collets
Works on all BT 30 machine
Material is 1065 Carbon Steel
Hardened & Precision Ground
BT30 Tool Holder Cone with Pull Post and Collet Nut
Total weight: 0.8 kg

Taper BT40, Collet size: ER32, Length: 70mm/100mm
Machine tool spindle interface: BT40

BT40 taper tool holders

CNC Milling Collet Chuck Holder Tools:
There are two types of tools in CNC machinery: tool holders and cutting tools. There are other items related to tool holders, such as collets, set screws, wrenches and other setup tools. Tools for CNC machinery are manufactured by a variety of brands and come in few different standards.
BT standard for tool holders originated in Japan and is somehow similar to CAT tool holders. As well as CAT tool holders, it has numerical designations that correspond to the size of the taper: BT-30, BT-35, BT-40, BT-45, BT-50. The higher the number is, the bigger is the taper.
If to compare BT to CAT tool holders – they look very similar and can be easily confused, however, they has different flange system and its thickness is different too. Also, the retention knobs are different. Therefore BT and CAT tool holders are not interchangeable. Though both standards use the same NMTB body taper. BT tool holders are symmetrical around the main spinning axis, while CAT tool holders are not. That makes BT tool holders better balanced and more stable at higher speeds.
BT tool holders along with CAT, ISO and HSK standards are among the most used in CNC machinery. They will accept both imperial and metric sized tools; however, BT tools come in metric sizes. They are durable and are best choice for very high speed machinery. BT tools allow to use ATC (Automatic Tool Change) technology to maximize the speed and productivity of manufacturing. Though tool holders are performing work with high strains and pressures, be sure to store them safely without any chance for the tool being damaged – as this may cause some misbalance that can be critical at high speeds and precise CNC machinery.

Also we can supply you HSK63F, ISO15, ISO20-ER16/20, ISO30, NBT30 tool holders, etc.

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