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ISO30 Tool Holder Forks CNC Tool Clips ISO30 Tool Grippers for CNC Router Machine
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ISO30 Tool Holder Forks CNC Tool Clips ISO30 Tool Grippers for CNC Router Machine
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ISO 30 Tool Clips ISO30 Toolholder Gripper

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iso30 tool clip forks dimension size
cnc gripper clips for iso30 toolholder collet chucks

CNC Router Tool Holder Forks ISO30 Toolholder Gripper Clips

ISO 30 tool forks also called ISO30 CNC tool holder fork or ISO 30 toolholder clip or ISO30 toolholder gripper, is for your ISO30 CNC tool holder, usually work with Carousel Type Auto Tool Changer or Linear Type Auto Tool Changer CNC routers. CNC tool holder grippers stay attached to the tool changer and hold the tool holders, widely used with Italy HSD ATC and hiteco, Columbo auto tool changer, etc. These original cnc plastic forks are found on many woodworking CNC routers, such as Biesse, Flexicam, Stealth, Beaver 25AVLT8, Multicam ATC cnc routers, and so on. Note these are for 50mm diameter tool holders only (will not work on CMS).

ISO30 Tool Forks Specifications:
1. Made in China, famous brand,
2. Imported USA Dupont material, high quality, reinforced and anti-explosion.
3. Alloy steel block casting inside, reinforced structure, has high loading capacity, also with steel positioning pins.
4. Dynamic balance grade:  G2.5, 30000rpm
5. Yaw precision: 0.005mm
ISO30 toolchanger forks application:
1. ISO 30 tool clips apply for any size auto tool changer CNC router
2. CNC router forks application industry: hole drilling, milling, engraving, high precision and widely used for high precision processing.

Also we can supply HSK63F tool forks, black ISO30 forks, DIN30 forks, BT30 BT40 tool forks, etc.
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